Julia Lipnitskaya: I need to study and devote time to self-developing

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Recently Julia Lipnitskaya got an apartment in Moscow from one of the building companies. Eva magazine published this small interview with Julia about new flat, interior and plans for the future.

As for the interior, to be honest, there are not any plans yet. But the less furniture the better. It’s possible to combine the kitchen with the living room, to make a large space. When it is crowded, it becomes uncomfortable, for me comfort is important. Of course, wardrobe is important for every woman. Clothes do not fit anywhere, although there is a feelings that you don’t have it at all (smiles). Before, I didn’t like shopping,  it was not for me at all. Recently appeared a desire to go shopping. A modern woman should dress up-to-date.

The apartment should have what it takes for life. At my country house, the whole house is allocated for the gifts of fans. Paintings, portraits, toys, souvenirs, everything found its place. Of course, I have skates everywhere. Several pairs were taken to the museum, but there are skates ar the apartment, at the countryhouse, everywhere.

I need to study and devote time to developing myself as a person, to look for some directions in which I will be comfortable besides sports. At last, I have started to walk around Moscow, to look in what city I live. Now I really like Moscow. It has probably become more native than Ekaterinburg.


Well to me this last passage sounds almost like a “goodbye”. Of course we should wait till official announcement, but I guess it’s clear that she’s not going to continue skating.

And couple of photos by Sezar Group:

Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia lipnitskaya


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5 Responses to “Julia Lipnitskaya: I need to study and devote time to self-developing”

  1. Carina says:

    Well good luck to her! She’s young and there is still a lot in the future!

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Whether she chooses a career in or out of figure skating, she will always have my support. To me, she’s the best! ♥♥

  3. SamuraiK says:

    So she’s no longer in Sochi with Urmanov. She’s moved on. Sad for us but great for her.

  4. carmina says:

    She didn’t even mention anything about skating… but she looks happy so it is what it is.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Well, this magazine isn’t about sport, so I’m not surprised they didn’t ask anything about sport. But still she sounds not like an athlete who aims to compete.

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