Julia Lipnitskaia: Coaching is completely different from the activity of an athlete

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Short interview Julia Lipnitskaia about her coaching work. Interview was taken during Julia’s master-class in Japan.

Julia: Coaching, which is completely different from the activity of an athlete, is very interesting, but difficult. For athletes, it was important to practice the jumping and spins and follow the instructions of the coaches. Coaching is not just about teaching skills. A coach should offer various options. In addition, I think it is important to determine what is best for each particular person depending on his situation, for example, level of skills or age etc., and give the necessary recommendations.

Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze is now a famous coach who coaches Olympic champion in Pyeongchang Alina Zagitova and three young figure skaters: Alena Kostornaia, Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova, who occupied the entire podium this season. Have you taken something from such a coach?

Julia: When you train, you perceive information from the coach as an athlete. And when you start coaching yourself, you recall and use what the coaches told you, add something what you consider necessary, try something new in your work … I managed to work with many excellent coaches, and I’m very happy about that, it’s huge experience for me and for what I’m doing now …

Would you like to prepare your athlete as a “second Lipnitskaia”?

Julia: There is no such purpose. In the future, I would like to create my own school and team in Moscow. If there is such an opportunity, then not only for Russian athletes but also for foreign ones. That’s why all that we are doing now is interesting and important. All the training camps and master classes in Russia and in different countries are a huge and important experience.

Skaters of a very different level and experience, from beginners to high-level professionals, participate in your master classes.

Julia: In any country, I am pleased that skaters are happy to participate in our master classes. And I believe that my job is to answer their questions as simply and clearly as possible. Some of them even participate in the Japanese Nationals and I was glad that such skaters were interested in our training program.

What do you like to do in Japan?

Julia: Walking the streets and looking at the surrounding landscape, not only in Tokyo, but also in other cities. From Japanese cuisine, I like sushi, and my favorite ones are toro tuna and salmon.

Translation from Japanese by Julia Lipnitskaya’s VK fan group


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    Thanks so much for this! I’m glad she is enjoying coaching! She is awesome

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