Julia Antipova is back

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Julia Antipova, who was reported to have serious problems with anorexia, is now back on ice. And she is willing to continue her career in pair figure skating. Here is what she told to Team Russia:

Currently my goal is to come back to sports. It will be difficult, because I missed a year and a half, but now I have four-time-a-week practice: 45 minutes in the gym and 45 minutes on ice.

My main goal now is working on technical aspects, to find partner and to prepare to Russian events for next season. I want to go back to figure skating at least for two Olympic cycles. However may it seem to others, I know that for me it is real.

I may also add that this girl was in center of a scandal in Russian skating recently, and discussions were really tough. I am glad that she managed to overcome her illness, and I wish her good luck, but I think it will be difficult for her to find a partner, and it may be even more difficult to deal with reaction of russian skating fans…

We will see.


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One response to “Julia Antipova is back”

  1. Nicki says:

    Yes it is because you have not pyelad in a while. When I was forced to sit out a few months I had the same issues when restarting ice. It was really bad on the face offs. But it does go away. It just takes time . Stretching does help , But it is a matter of your muscles getting used to skating and game style again . Some core exercises can help. But it will go away as soon as your body gets used to playing again .

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