Javier Fernandez: I hope to win the seventh European title in a row

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Interview with Javier Fernandez.  About soon retirement, Brian Orser and plans for the future.

The season has already begun. This is the fourth Olympic cycle for you, and you are still at the top of world figure skating. How will this season differ from the previous ones?

– This season is different because most likely it will be the last in my sports career. At the moment I’m training in Madrid to prepare for the January European Championships.

You have been working with Brian Orser since 2011. How long did it take to get used to each other?

– It happened pretty quickly. Brian and I get along fine. Together we have gone through everything: offensive defeats and greatly celebrated victories.

How nice is Orser?

– Exceptionally nive. I’d say that he’s special. This applies to both his human and professional qualities.

Do you remember your first big victiry with Brian? What did he tell you?

– Perhaps it was after winning the 2013 European Championships. What did he say to me? Well, in general, the same as always: “Great job, Javi!” What else can you say?

Okay, that was after the first continental title. How did he react to your sixth European title?

– After winning the European Championships in Moscow, he also praised me. Said that my triumph is a proof that perseverance and work always pay off.

How did you overcome the fourth place at the Olympics in Sochi?

– Of course, it hurted terribly. At that moment, Brian helped me. He asked me not to be too focused on the result and convinced me that we have four years ahead. Four years to achieve the goal.

Do you think Orser will be able to help Evgenia Medvedeva to overcome a defeat at the Olympics 2018? Do you think he is a good psychologist?

– Undoubtedly, fonly few can compare with Brian in terms of psychology. He and Tracy Wilson are a great duet, they give each athlete exactly what he needs. Let’s wait a bit, I think, the results won’t be far behind and will appear already during the current season. I think they will succeed.

Despite all the advantages of the Orser-coach, Medvedeva hasn’t won under his guidance yet.

– Listen, they started to work together just a few months ago. For figure skating this is too short period of time. Give them some time. I think everything will change soon.

Orser’s position is known: his athletes don’t have to participate in all competitions throughout the season and certainly don’t have to win them. That’s why you miss the spring world championship in Milan?

– No, I didn’t go to Milan because I was terribly tired after the Olympics. It was very important for me to relax and spend time with my family. Only this way I could prepare for the next season.

What did you do in the offseason?

– In fact, I didn’t rest too long after the Olympics. I spent at home about a month, and then continued to work. Took part in several shows in Canada and Japan.

Are you really not planning to take part in the next Olympics?

– Yes, that is right.


– I don’t plan to train for another four years. It seems to me that it is time to concentrate on things outside the rink.

You became a European champion for six years in a row. Where do you find the motivation to continue?

– I’m not concentrating too much on the past. As I said, this year will be incredibly important for me: I will have the opportunity to win the seventh European title in a row. At least I hope so.

So the fame of Evgeni Plushenko bugs you. Are you aimimg at his record?

– Of course. Plushenko’s achievement is one of the things that makes me move on. Great motivation.

What do you think about new rules? Will it be easier for skaters or more difficult?

– Recently, I have heard a lot of different opinions on this subject. Probably, compared to last year, it will be a little more difficult. But then everyone will get used.

How much will the new judging system change the race for quad jumps?

– I think the new system will help to appreciate all athletes, including those who are eager to jump quads.

Since you are not hiding plans to end your career, tell us what you are planning to do in the future?

– I live and train in Spain. I’m preparing my own show called RevolutiON on Ice. In addition, I organize my own summer camp for young athletes. Well, in the long-term plans is to open a figure skating academy.

Spain is in great demand among tourists, including Russian ones. Where would advise to go first?

– Oh, there can be no two opinions. To Malaga, of course, or its neighborhood.

And where should we go to feel the most of Spanish culture?

– I think you should go to the south of the country, to Andalusia, for example.

If tomorrow you were offered to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

– To Japan. I love this country very much.

by Daria Gulina for lenta.ru


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