Ivan Bukin: “I didn’t leave sport, I didn’t end my career. Sasha and I will definitely return. I don’t know when exactly, but I think it will be soon.”

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Ivan Bukin on the resumption of his career and domestic Russian competitions.

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source: TASS

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin may soon resume performing. Bukin told TASS on Monday, November 7th.

Earlier, the coaches of the athletes Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin told that the skaters had taken a break in their careers.

Ivan Bukin: I didn’t leave sport, I didn’t end my career. Sasha and I will definitely return. I don’t know when exactly we’ll be back, but I think it will be soon. As for the Russian Nationals, we have not decided yet, we’ll see.

Stepanova is 27 years old, Bukin is 29, they are two-time national champions, two-time silver and three-time bronze medalists of the European Championships. Athletes placed sixth at the Beijing Olympics.

Bukin also shared his opinion on Russian domestic competitions.

Ivan Bukin: I’m happy for the guys that they have competitions. I want to thank the federation that there are competitions, they have done everything so that the athletes continue to skate and improve, this is a lot of work. As an athlete, I clearly understand that competitions of this level are needed, no matter how many pairs are there, one or 25. The main thing is that they exist, and athletes can work on their skills not only in training, but also show their programs to judges and spectators who give love and energy.

I watch the stages of the international Grand Prix, I’m interested. I think that our stages can be compared, we have a lot of new good pairs, and the old ones have reached a new level, they can be competitive at the international level.

I have no doubt that we will return to international competitions, this is sport, there is always a kind and positive atmosphere. I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

source: TASS


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