“It’s the first time I’ve suggested a song myself.” Kaori Sakamoto about her SP for 2023/24 season

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Kaori Sakamoto about her short program for 2023/24 season.

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source: nikkansports.com dd. 10th August

Figure skater Kaori Sakamoto (23) attended an award ceremony at Kobe City Hall on the August 10th.

Having won the World Championships in March, she received Kobe Cty Sports Special Award. She expressed her happiness, saying, “It’s delightful to receive this award as a Kobe citizen. I’m truly happy to have won.”

She also unveiled her new short program (SP) for the upcoming season. The new SP is choreographed to “Baby, God Bless You” by Jeffrey Buttle. She is planning to debut it at the Gensan Summer Cup (August 11-14) at the Kinoshita Skate Arena in Shiga Prefecture.

Kaori herself selected the music and proposed it for the first time.

“This year, my brother and niece were born, so I chose this song,” she explained. “It’s the first time I’ve suggested a song myself. While practicing, I’ve been told, ‘You’re skating with a lively spirit,’ which makes me happy,” she said with a smile.

Her goal for this season is to win the Japanese Nationals and the World Championships for the third time.

“I managed to win consecutive titles at the World Championships, but the feeling of frustration was stronger due to the quality of my performance. That sense of frustration has stayed with me, so I’m determined to start the season with improvement in mind,” she said, showing her enthusiasm for the upcoming season.


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