“It’s generally unacceptable to fall twice.” Alexandra Trusova on her performance and victory at the 4th stage of the Russian Cup

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Alexandra Trusova commented on her performance in the free program and victory at the 4th stage Russian Cup in Kazan.

Alexandra Trusova: I did (quadruple) salchow, lutz, then there was toe loop (with a fall). It is easier than all quads, but I lacked concentration, and a fall on the “lutz – loop” combination I don’t know why it happened. For the second time in a row I make mistake on it.

Were there any roughness on the ice?

Alexandra Trusova: No, I did not notice that, ice is good, I did not feel any problems.

Are you satisfied that you have scored a hundred for the technique?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, I saw. But this is due to the bonuses, it would be much less without them.

You don’t even look at the scores of your rival Alena Kostornaia.

Alexandra Trusova: I do not look at my competitors’ scores, it’s my position.

Have you experienced positive emotions?

Alexandra Trusova: I can’t say that I am satisfied – this is an adrenaline rush, I cannot be satisfied.

by Dmitry Kuznetsov for sport-express.ru

Alexandra Trusova: It’s generally unacceptable to fall twice.

by rsport.ria.ru

Alexandra explained why in the end she decided to jump four quads in a free program.

Alexandra Trusova: There were three quads in the planning content for the free program, but I jumped four. But usually you declare content much earlier than you perform.

Will you perform a quadruple loop at the next competitions?

Alexandra Trusova: Let’s see, I can’t say anything. I don’t know at all whether its performance at the Russian competition will be counted or not, but it still needs to be done. It’s more important for me to catch the train now than to make new quads.

by Dmitry Kuznetsov for sport-express.ru


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3 Responses to ““It’s generally unacceptable to fall twice.” Alexandra Trusova on her performance and victory at the 4th stage of the Russian Cup”

  1. Lorenz says:

    Can somebody explain me what are these bonus about? Is it something new from this season? How do you get them? And is it something applied only in Russia or also to international competitions? Thanks!

    • FS Gossips says:

      No, bonuses are usual thing for Russian local competitions. They were invented to motivate athletes to improve some aspects of their skating. For example spins or quad jumps etc. I don’t know whether other countries have somethings like that.

  2. Catherine says:

    I thought it was wonderful to see Sasha landing the 4S, after that jump had been difficult for her last year, and the 4L as well. Well done, and lovely to see her smiling.

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