Italians are ready to go

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The senior B events officially started and at Lombardia Trophy 2015 Italian pair and ice dancing dou showen what they are capable of.

Valentina Marchei is a very brave girl to start doing pairs in her age! But Valentina and Ondrej Hotarek teamed to a beautiful pair that skate with lots with fire. Loved it! They are another pair from the club of side by side triple lutz and they definitely will be not only interesting to watch but also a good competitors and Europeans.

I like their short program more, while the free has a potential but needs a lot of work. To shine and drive it needs to be skated clean and with lots of emotions. Hope the judges will love the disco of 80th. I don’t worry for the emotional aspect but they need to work on their lifts and pair elements. Obviously it’s not easy for Valentina and Ondrej needs to control everything but they still slow on those elements and it’s visible.

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte performed really strong short dance. Of course they are not 100% ready but still showed very impressive skating. I had no doubt that operetta will suit tham, that it’s completely their theme and that they will look marvelous skating to it. Yes, it’s nothing new for them in terms of style or choreo and decided to play safe. But I’m a bit tired of all those “not waltzes” that I think that it’s a great dance. A waltz like it should be.

And oh those twizzles! So synchronized….like it’s a one person! Best twizzles from all I’ve seen this season!

anna twizles

The free dance is just charming! Perfect fit. The style, characters, the mood everything look great on Anna and Luca.

The first lift is extremely impressive!

anna lift

They showed that they will not give up so easily and want their title back (at least the title of Europeans champions). Anna and Luca have been always known for their tasteful costumes and this time haven’t disappoint me too. Gorgeous choice. minimalist but so elegant! The battle in ice dance will be so interesting to watch!

Talking about the costumes for ice dancers, see some possible prototypes for Elena Ilinykh’s dress for her free dance “Frida”.

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One response to “Italians are ready to go”

  1. Crysta says:

    Ne sono felice anche io. Pensa che Camerlengo era in lizza anche come aenllatore dell’anno!Sono davvero curiosa di vedere cosa uscire0 fuori dal suo genio e da quello di Mishin per Plushenko.

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