‘Italian Jewel’ Carolina Kostner joined the coaching staff of Yuma Kagiyama leaving a profound impact with her remarkable skating and opening their eyes to new possibilities

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Carolina Kostner joined the coaching staff of Yuma Kagiyama.

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Yuma Kagiyama (20), the silver medalist from the 2022 Beijing Olympics, is teaming up with the ‘Italian Jewel.’

It was revealed on the August 25th that Carolina Kostner (36), the 2014 Sochi Olympics bronze medalist and five-time European champion, will be joining the coaching staff starting this season. In pursuit of a full recovery from injury this season, and looking ahead to the 2026 Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo Olympics, a legend from the host country will lend her support alongside the father-and-son coaching duo.

Carolina Kostner, a legend in the figure skating world with four Olympic appearances and 14 appearances at the World Championships, including a victory in 2011, is joining the team. This new addition brings a fresh perspective to Yuma Kagiyama’s skating journey, which has been guided by his father, Masakazu Kagiyama, who has participated in the Olympics twoce as an athlete.

The May training camp in Italy was a revelation. Working as a coach during the short-term training camp, alongside world-renowned choreographer Lori Nichol, Kostner’s exceptional skating technique and expressive ability that imbues even the slightest gestures on the ice with meaning garnered extraordinary praise. This remarkable skating left a profound impact on the Kagiyama family, opening their eyes to new possibilities.

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Carolina Kostner was also amazed by Kagiyama’s talent, and their relationship quickly grew closer. Kostner introduced him to instructors who provided performance guidance even during her active career, further bridging the gap between them. Collaborating with Lori Nichol, they also worked on a new exhibition program together. Kagiyama expressed his satisfaction with the program, stating, “It’s a very rich program. While skating, I feel a significant sense of my own skating growth.”

Last season, Kagiyama’s participation was limited to the Japanee Nationals at the end of the year due to a left ankle injury. He was off the ice for about two months after that. Building on what he learned in Italy, he aims to bring himself to the state before the injury and explore new horizons in the upcoming season. Starting from the Lombardia Trophy in September (Bergamo, Italy), Kostner will accompany him along with his father, Masakazu Kagiyama, as coaches.

Four years have passed since his breakthrough silver medal at the Beijing Olympics. In Milan, he will strive for the gold medal. The treasure of the Italian skating world will be his greatest support.


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