ISU Junior Grand-Prix Bratislava 2015 | Ladies and Ice dance

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I can’t wait to see the first big competition. So, I want to make a list whom I think will be interesting to watch in Bratislava.

A lot of ladies are going to participate in first Junior Grand-Prix but there will be only one question. How good Polina Tsurskaya is?

This young Russian girl is a medal contender on every international junior competitions It’s her debut on grand-prix and there are a lot of expectations.

She is a natural jumper and her jumps are huge and powerful for such a tiny girl. She has great air position and nice landing. But she can expect not only high technical score but also a good components. She has beautiful lines and speed across the ice, her programs are full of transitions. Just watch how great she is.

 Ice dance

The competitions of ice dancers promise to be exciting. There is no evident leader in junior ice dances, few couples are almost at the same level. So, the battle for World junior champion title starts from the first competitions of the year. In Bratislava we will see a duel Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd versus Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons. Who do you think will be better?

I like both teams but in my opinion Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd have better chances to win this event. They are seem to me the strongest Russian junior ice dancers now and the Federation will bet on them. To win Rachel and Michael Parsons need not only to be better but also they need to be the first pair of their Federation. But I think US Federation already made its choice and it’s not they.

What are your predictions for this competitions?


Who else is worth seeing in Bratislava? You can also see my junior men preview


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