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Russian test skates for juniors are still on going in Novogorsk, so on the site of Russian figure skating federation appear new interviews with coaches. Today I decided to make a translation of an interview with Tatiana Mishina, who brought 4 skaters to test skates – Petr Gumennik, Alisa Lozko, Elizaveta Nugumanova and Sofia Samodurova. She told about preparation for the seson and new programs. 

T.M.: When last season finished, Alexei Mishin, together with our choreographer Tatiana Prokofieva and guys have visited Canada for two weeks. There they worked with famous Canadian figure skater Emanuel Sandhu, who did program  for Alisa Lozko. However, then we decide to go back to the old short program “The swan” on music from the film “Anna Pavlova”. New program wasn’t really finished and that’s why the idea wasn’t very clear. We decided that if we got a chance, then we’ll continue to work on it, if it’s possible.

With Sandhu we met twice, the second time at the training camp in Courchevel, where he worked with Zhenya Plushenko. Zhenya expressed a desire to meet with this talented choreographer once again, but Sandhu has a lot of work, he do a lot of choreographing, so it’s hard to plan something specific.

Alisa Lozko

But we kept the free program to the songs of Edith Piaf, which Sandhu did for Alisa, because it’s something new for her. Of course, Alisa is a girl with classic lines, classic characters suit her a lot, but you can’t always be a “Swan” and skate only lyrical programs. They are all young guys, they need to try something new, to develop, to move forward, improve emotionally …

Short and free programs for Elizaveta Nugumanova and Petr Gumennik did Tatiana Prokofieva. My opinion: programs turned out very nice, artistically interesting. Liza’s short program is to “Malaguena” and free to the music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake”. Liza is very active girl, she took an active part in creation of her programs. If she wants something, she won’t gave up. She offered “Swan Lake” in spring and was very insistent. We agreed that if an athlete wants something, and the idea is not forced upon him, then he feels the music, understands how to skate the program. As I see it, the program turned out well, it suits Liza.

Elizaveta Nugumanova

Over the summer, Liza has definitely matured, changed. She did shows. It’s one thing, when someone asks to take a young athlete in the show, because participation adds experience and artistry, and confidence. But if skater doesn’t show there anything, he won’t get a second invitation. But people liked Liza’s programs and enjoy her skating. Liza is also a very sociable person, she maintain relationships with everyone. Along with Evgenia Medvedeva she went to the show in Japan. Liza is very popular in this country. By the way, the music for Liza’s free program was sent by Miki Ando.

Sofia Samodurova

Richaud Benoit did a short program for Sofia Samodurova. He came to us in St. Petersburg, worked with her. Benoit is creative person, with interesting ideas, a former dancer, which is especially valuable for us. We wanted to change Sonia’s style a little, to make her skate wider. She’s fast girl, with actor’s instincts, and it all had to be developed. We prepared two variants of the short program. Both are ready. At the test skates Sonia  skated “Samba”, but let’s see how the junior Grand Prix will be distributed, how many time we’ll have to decide about the short program.

Edvald Smirnov, with whom we have long-standing friendly relations, did a free program for Sonia. For the free program we chose the music from the operetta by Offenbach, and in this program Sonia looks quite different. Skates wide, dancing. The program turned out bright, dancing, interesting. Everyone at the test skates noted this.

Misha Ge helped us with steps sequences. Misha is very active person. He did the program, competes and organizes training camp in China.

In addition training camp in Canada, our guys prepared in Courchevel and Estonia. Sasha Abt is working in Tartu now. I was pleased they way he skates. Widely, beautifuly, in a peculiar manner. At the training camp Sasha held a class of steps and skating skills for our kids.

Carolina Kostner came to our trainings camp. It was very useful for our young skaters to look at her. All were just amazed how pleasant and tactful she is. She listens and catches every word of a coach. Do everything she was told, without whims, laziness and something like that. I think it was very important for the guyes to train next to her, to see with their own eyes how such a great athlete trains. I laos want to repeat, that Carolina is extremely friendly and nice girl. She wanted to come to us again, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Speaking about difficulties that we face working with teenager, you can’t escape from them. Girls are growing up, changing. Someone grows up earlier, someone later. But our athletes cope well with the weight. Although the physiological changes impose definite imprint. Some girls become lethargic, others whimsical. But this will pass. It’s necessary simply to survive this period…

Petr Gumennik

By the way, it’s not easier with the boys –  growth, knees … Petr Gumennik grew up by  6 cm  during the summer and knees prevented him from regular practices. Knees hurt because of the intense height, it’s necessary to reduce the load, to take a  pause for a day or two,  of course it affects training process.

But on the whole, preparation for the season went well as planned. Now we will continue to prepare on our ice. It’s great that we have a healthy competition, because there won’t be an improvement without it.



Summing up:

Alisa Lozko

SP: “The swan” on music from the film “Anna Pavlova”

FP:  to the songs of Edith Piaf

Eizaveta Nugumanova

SP: “Malaguena”

FP: “Swan Lake”

Sofia Samodurova

SP: “Samba”

FP: music from the operetta by Offenbach



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