Interview with Maria Sotskova

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Short interview with 2016 World Junior Championships silver medalist Maria Sotskova, who due to injuries of Tsurskaya and Fedichkina, turned to be the only Russian skater at this event. Interview was on the press conference after the winners ceremony.

Please comment your performance at the World Championships.

Maria: I came up in good shape to this tournament. I can say that I was well prepared. After the short program I wasn’t very happy with my performance, but in principle it was a good skate. I wanted to skate a clean free program, to show a maximum, but didn’t handle with everything.

Did you see what happened with Alisa Fedichkina?

Maria: Yes. Alisa fell on the warm-up. It happened just in front of me. She couldn’t stand up after the fall. She was taken to the medical center. Of course, I was worrying a lot, because I didn’t know will she perform or not. And when I heard that Alisa has withdrawn, I realized that was the only representative from Russia, and I need to skate for the country.

Such amount of injuries is due to the ending of the season?

Maria: Yes, it’s possible. It’s all interconnected, because now we are all exhausted, tired. Probably, girls’ bodies simply can’t withstand such pressure.

Which competition of this season was the most difficult for you?

Maria: At the first Grand Prix I showed the best skating, probably the best in my career. Then it was a slight decrease. But I braced myself at the Russian Nationals. I performed well there. Probably, the most difficult start for me was Youth Olympic Games. In Norway, it was hard to make up my mind. Especially, when short program went not well.

World Championships is your last start of the season?

Maria: No. March 21st, we return to Moscow, and the evening 22nd we go to Saransk to Spartakiada. Then the end of the season. I think that we’ll start working on new programs, and I hope that I’ll again go to America for preparation.

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World Junior Championships 2016. Maria Sotskova SP:

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