Instagram review: best photos of the week [28.05-05.06.2016]

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This is my weekly review of skaters’ instagram accounts. They shared so many great photos this week! I tried my best to choose the best.

It’s time to get new programs for the season! Now we know that creating programs with Peter Tchernyshev is fun and tasty)


Nikolai Morozov made a free program for Anna Pogorilaya. I have a weird suspicion that Nikolai is a vampire. Time has no power on him, he looks better and better!

Anna Pogorilaya, Nikolai Morozov

While most ice dancers making a huge secret around their future dances, we can say for sure that this team have a swing in short dance) Ksenia Stolbova and Johnny Weir:

Johnny Weir, Ksenia Stolbova

And this team probably doing flamenco or pasodoble. Javier Fernandez and Miki Ando

Javier Fernandez, Miki Ando

This week this awesome guy celebrated his birthday! Happy birthday Tomas Verner! You’ll always be one of my favorite skaters!

Miki Ando, Tomas Verner, Javier Fernandez

Learning is the eye of the mind Congratulations to Polina Edmunds with graduation!

Polina Edmunds

Congratulations to Maxim Kovtun. He got a degree!

Maxim Kovtun

Beautiful photo sessions for beautiful girls. Anna Pogorilaya:

Anna Pogorilaya

Tessa Virtue for magazine cover:

Tessa Virtue

Stunning beauty – Kiira Korpi:

Kiira Korpi

Figure skating divas on shopping) Ksenia and Johnny:

Ksenia Stolbova Johnny Weir

Ekaterina Bobrova and Andrei Deputat spending their honeymoon in Paris

Ekaterina Bobrova Andrei Deputat

Great shot from Joshi Helgesson:

Joshi Helgesson

Maxim Kovtun and his girlfriend in Cyprus

Maxim Kovtun

Real Russian men Dmitri Soloviev and Sergei Voronov

Sergei Voronov, Dmitri Soloviev

Tessa Virtue photo for National Donut Day. By the way she looks fantastic

Tessa Virtue

Julia Lipnitskaya grew up into such a beautiful young woman!

Julia Lipnitskaya

Going to vacations don’t forget your skates) You can wear them instead of slippers. It’s very comfortable. Proved by Valentina Marchei:

Valentina Marchei

And these are two cutest photos of the week! Sergei Mozgov with little figure skaters:

Sergei Mozgov

Javier Fernandez and Miki Ando’s daughter:

Javier Fernandez


Best photos of the previous week


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