Instagram review: best photos of the week [12.11-17.11.2017]

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It’s Sunday, we survived another Grand-prix and it’s time to check Instagram.

Part 1 “Photos on the ice

The hottest photo of the week!

Vanessa James Morgan Cipres

Beautiful moment from Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise

Elena Radionova – top-model on ice.

Elena Radionova

Tara and Johnny will save US pairs!

Meryl Davis and some ice)

Meryl Davis

In case ice melts Valentina and Ondrej are ready to join Baywatch)

Marchei Hotarek

Part 2 “Incredibly beautiful and irresistible hot”

Young and beautiful Maria Sotskova

MAria Sotskova

Ashley Wagner and her autumn look

Ashley Wagner

Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon

Alex Shibutani

Alex Shibutani

Fabulous Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova

Winter is coming ….Johnny and his furs

Johnny Weir

Time for some hot photos! Dima Soloviev

Dima Soloviev

Dylan Moscovitch

Dylan Moscovitch

Madison Chock and Evan Bates

Madison Chock Evan Bates

Madison Chock Evan Bates

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres

Vanessa Ja,es Morgan Cipres

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron

Papadakis Cizeron

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue

Hubbell Donohue

Super stylish pair – Guillaume and Madison

Cizeron Chock

Part 3 “Beautiful families”

The Shibs


Megan Duhamel and her niece

Megan Duhamel

Polina Edmunds and er brother Daniel

Polina Edmunds

Part 4 “Four-legged friends”

Maia, Alex, Lily and Po

Maia and Alex Shibutani

Meagan Duhamel and her personal yoga instructor

Meagan Duhamel

Tara Lipinski and cute puppy

Tara Lipinski

Meryl Davis

Meryl Davis

Jason Brown……and kind of pet)

JAson Brown

Part 5 “Back to childhood”

Eric Radford

Eric Radford

The Shibs


Part 6 “Some cool stuff”

Some guidance how to take a cool photo:

Adam Rippon AShley Wagner

best photos of previous week [05.11-12.11.2017]



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One response to “Instagram review: best photos of the week [12.11-17.11.2017]”

  1. cleo2070 says:

    Amazing! All these photos are great, thank you for taking the time to collect them and share them with us!
    I especially loved all the skaters so clearly having fun, Mae’s gloves, Adelina’s dress, Guillaume and Madison and the caption on Megan’s photo :)

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