Instagram review: best photos of the week [05.02-12.02.2017]

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Time to check Instagram!

Part 1. As usual some photos from the ice and workouts)

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Meryl Davis Charlie White

Incredible emotions from Vanessa and Morgan

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres

Team Canton is ready for the Four Continents! Ah, Maia, I’m so jelause)

Shibutani, Patrick Chan

Off ice trainings. Good to know that skaters not only post photos but actually prepare for the next competitions)

Tessa looks so determined!

Tessa Virtue

Boyang Jin works on his lines

Boyang Jin

Team Novi “Final workout”

Madison Chock Evan Bates

Maia Shibutani and different type of preparation)

Maia Shibutani

Part 2: “Incredibly beautiful and irresistible hot”

Meagan and Eric. Photo from their new photoshoot. They look so beautiful and sweet!

Meagan Duhamel Eric Radford

Birthday girl Ksenia Stolbova

Ksenia Stolbova

Anna Pogorilaya looks like a diva!

Anna Pogorilaya

Meryl Davis and wonderful Swiss landscape

Meryl Davis

Beauties on vacation or missing summer) Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova

Michael Christian Martinez

Michael Christian MArtinez

Maxim Kovtun

Maxim Kovtun

Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir

Madison Chock and Evan Bates

Madison Chock Evan Bates

Part 3 “Families and relationships”

Olivia Smart and Zach Donohue celebrated 10 months anniversary of their relationships

Olivia Smart Zach Donohue

Vasilisa Davankova and Nikolai Morozov

Vasilisa Davankova, Nikolai Morozov

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov

Maxim Trankov

Tatiana Volosozhar

Part 4: “Back to chidlhood”

Alex Shibutani

Alex Shibutani

Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen

Part 5 “Some cool stuff”

Alex Shibutani and Evan Bates are studying levitation) Yeah guys, letter from Hogwarts will arrive soon)

Evan Bates

Alex Shibutani

Aliona Savchenko and Anna Pogorilaya. Relax and love figure skating.

Aliona Savchenko, Anna Pogorilaya

best photos of previous week [29.01-05.02.2017]


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One response to “Instagram review: best photos of the week [05.02-12.02.2017]”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    Meagan and Eric look amazing! I love that picture!

    Ksenia always looks so red-carpet ready. Can’t believe she’s 25 already! I still remember the girl with the swinging ponytail skating to “The Addams Family.”

    GLAM Anna! Looking fierce!

    Adelina is another one of those girls who seems to have grown up right before my eyes. I still can’t believe she’s changed so much in 3 years!

    Madison Chock. Jealous.

    Aww cute couples always make me smile.


    I really love this friendship between Aliona and Anna. It’s fun!

    Great week for Instagram and I’m sure it’ll only get better.

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