Instagram review: best photos of the week [02.04-09.04.2020]

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On the ice A Dream of Ice

Carolina Kostner

Mae Berenice Meite

Alexa Knierim

Karen Chen

“Incredibly beautiful and irresistible hot”

Valentina Marchei

Ashley Wagner and Meryl Davis

Kaetlyn Osmond

Lubov Ilyushechkina

Dylan Moscovitch

Kirsten Moore-Towers

Tatiana Volosozhar

Elena Ilinykh

Adelina Sotnikova

Victoria Sinitsina

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje

“Beautiful couples and families”

Eric Radford and Luis Fenero

Tatiana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov and Angelica

Meagan and Zoey

Aliona Savchenko and Amilia

Stayhome lifestyle”

Mae Berenice Meite

Kaetlyn Osmond

Piper Gilles

Ashley Wagner

Alexandra Boikova

see you next week!

Best photos of previous week:



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