Instagram review: best photos of the week [01.01-07.01.2017]

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Holidays is over, we’re all back to work( But somehow lots of photos appeared on Instagram. Usually I try to limit amount of photos in my review but not this time *insidious smile* .

Almost all of them not from the ice )

Ok, at least someone is working and keeping in shape…..oh but they’re not competing

Meryl Davis Charlie White

I’m going to print Meryl‘s photo and put it on my fridge like a motivator)

Meryl Davis

Ok, Jorik, nice try

Jorik Hendrixks

“Hugs for a good day… and just because.”

Maia Shibutani

Madison Chock and Rohene Ward. Should we expect some changes in the free dance?

Madison Chock, Rohene Ward

Serafima Sakhanovich playing Snow White in Peter Tchernyshev’s ice show

Serafima Sakhanovich

Such a sad news, we won’t see Polina Edmunds at US Nationals. FS Gossips wishes Polina a soon recovery, don’t lose a motivation and don’t give up!

Polina Edmunds

Tarasova doesn’t follow them on Instagram :)

Maia Shibutani, Nathan Chen

When you no longer want your friends to post photos with you on their Instagram

Polina Edmunds, Zijun Li

Next part of my review “Incredibly beautiful and irresistibly hot”

Elena Radionova

Elena Radionova

Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya

Anna Pogorilaya

Anna Pogorilaya

Birthday girl Meryl Davis. And I love her Self-Portrait dress.

Meryl Davis

Maia Shibutani

Maia Shibutani

Evan Bates

Evan Bates

Alex Shibutani

Alex Shibutani

Next part “Vacations and beautiful places”

Ashley Wagner Long Beach, California

Ashley Wagner

Vanessa James

Vanessa James

Ksenia Stolbova, Roman Holiday

Ksenia Stolbova

Meryl Davis, Keewaydin Island

Meryl Davis

Next part “Skaters and their four-legged friends”

Mirai Nagasu

Mirai Nagasu

Johnny Weir and Tyoma

Johnny Weir

Julia Lipnitskaya

Ekaterina Bobrova and Saiman

Ekaterina Bobrova

Kids’ time

Elena Ilinykh during her master-class

Elena Ilinykh

Guess where is Piper Gilles)

Piper Gilles

Adelina Sotnikova with her godson

Adelina Sotnikoiva

Javi, Miki and little princess Himawari

Javier Fernandez, Miki Ando

And just some cool stuff.

Shibutani’s photos always looks like for magazine cover

Maia Shibutani

It’s freezing outside, don’t forget your furs

Johnny Weir

See your next week!

Gabriella Papadakis

best photos of previous week [26.12-01.01.2017]



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5 Responses to “Instagram review: best photos of the week [01.01-07.01.2017]”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    Like okay Meryl is gorgeous…#jealous
    Aww Marina and Maia!
    No Polina…what the heck is happening to American women’s skating??? As an American I demand to know why! LOL.
    Those giant pizzas…I am getting so hungry right now.
    So the Russian girls all look great, and then Meryl again…whoa. That dress is just to die for.
    And there’s diva Maia!
    Some pretty scenery.
    Katya Bobrova has a cute dog!
    Adelina and her godson together really make my day :)
    Awww Javi, Miki, and Himawari! They’re SO cute!

    Thanks FS Gossips for my weekly reason to smile.

    • FS Gossips says:

      “No Polina…what the heck is happening to American women’s skating??? ”
      Oh I can’t say that her withdrawal was unexpected( I mean she hasn’t competed this season, she’s a frashman in univerciry….But the main question is how serious her is injury? She missed first half of the season due to injury and now she’s in a wheelchair( Is it a new one, or an old one worsened?

      • Mad for Skating says:

        I wonder about that too. I hope it’s not too serious, but that wheelchair is making me worried.

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Julia is so beautiful!!♥♥
    Loved Sima’s performance in Snow White! Ekaterina is cute. What a shame for Polina.

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