Inna Goncharenko: Everyone has a resource to achieve result

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Inna Goncharenko about Sergei Voronov and his goals at the Russian Nationals 2017.

Russian National Championship is a difficult competitions, last year Sergei also started the season well, but wasn’t in the mood at the National Championship. I hope that he will not lose drive, because, I think, he has already rethought his psychological problems himself. He bravely looks forward, stightly to the battle.

The coach does not believe that the main factor in the progress of her skater is to learn new jumps:

It’s one thing to determine the elite by jumps. This is a one-sided view of things. In sports, the main component is the ability to fight. He fights as he can. You can do God knows what, but it’s not guaranteed that you can implement that. The athlete must be an athlete by his nature, character and attitude.

These are the qualities of skaters who compete in the world top-ten and skaters from this top ten can be on this or that place. Everyone has a resource to achieve result.- Inna Goncharenko said.


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