“In this program, you don’t feel Gleukhengauz, and that’s a big plus.” Ekaterina Bobrova about Valieva’s SP to I See Red

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Translation of Ekaterina Bobrova’s comment regarding Kamila Vlaieva’s this season’s short program.

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Former ice dancer Ekaterina Bobrova praised Kamila Valieva’s short program to blues I See Red. Here’s a translation of her comment.

“I really liked the short program; thanks to her for it. She had such bold skating in the best sense of the word. Juicy, rich, with sighs. Everything was there. What I like is that I sometimes can’t believe that Gleikhengauz choreographed this program. In the best way! Why doesn’t he choreograph such programs for others?

People will start saying that no one skates like Valieva, no one can feel the program like she does – and they will be somewhat right. But in this program, you don’t feel Gleukhengauz, and that’s a big plus.

He already has good programs in his arsenal, bright ones – for Shcherbakova, Valieva, Medvedeva. Gleikhengauz choreographs them, and of course, Eteri Georgievna (Tutberidze) adds something because she has a taste for it.

But there is a certain style that can be seen in many choreographies. And here it’s like a breath of fresh air!” – said Sochi 2014 Olympic champion in a team event Ekaterina Bobrova in the “Khod Konkom” podcast.


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