“I’m proud of you and no matter what anyone says, you deserve this medal.” Alena Kostornaia congratulated Anna Shcherbakova

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Alena Kostornaia congratulated Anna Shcherbakova on winning the Olympic gold medal.

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Alena Kostornaia: So… Last year, when I fell ill with covid and did not get to the Russian Nationals, the main start of the year of the athlete, because this is a kind of selection for further competitive life, I clearly defined for myself the athlete I would root for. We have been communicating for a long time, we are friends, she can entrust me with many secrets, together we went through many difficult moments, reassured each other and encouraged, very often our names sounded from the lips of the coaches and not in the best way (but this is only for our good). Our sport is very hard and difficult. Both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, now I was not able to go this way from and to, but I hope I still can. But Anna Shcherbakova did it, she endured everything, her path was much more difficult, and she did it. I AM PROUD OF YOU, and no matter what anyone says, you deserve this medal. More precisely, it is the gold medal that should hang around the neck of the champion. Also congratulations to Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valieva with good results.


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