Ilia Averbukh: I’m always for those who strives to leave their mark in figure skating

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Ilia Averbukh commented on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s victory at NHK Trophy 2016.

Ilia: Canadians won with a world record and I’m very happy about that. I have always liked Virtue and Moir. They have always been above the rest for me, and I considered unfair that the gold of the last Olympics was given to the Americans (Meryl Davis / Charlie White). For me, Virtue / Moir – is a truly pair, who determines the direction on the ice, and the Americans are just good performers, of a very high quality, but still performers.

In the duel between the Canadians and the French, I will be rooting for the first, because Virtue / Moir is a pair who goes forward, not afraid to improvise, to search for new directions. And the French shows us the same programms to a different music for the third year. When it was for the first time, it was really great. The second time – expected, but also very good. Now it’s just good, but the effect of novelty is gone. It’s beautiful, but I’m always for the innovators, for those who seek and strives not only to win the championship, but also to leave their mark in figure skating.


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