Ilia Averbukh called the lift Hubbell – Donohue did in the rhythm dance “TV show level”

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Salt Lake City 2002 silver medalist Ilia Averbukh shared his opinion on the performance of the American duo Madison Hubbell – Zachary Donohue in rhythm dance at the Italian Grand Prix, where they took second place.

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Ilia Averbukh: There is no need to be a guru: you can look at the scores – we already see that the judges favor the Americans more than our guys. Of course, we will wait for the final result, but I am sure that there will be no miracle, and they will bypass Stepanova and Bukin.

Although, in my opinion, this is biased. I think that the dance of our guys was brighter and more interesting – both from the choreography point of view and from the performance point of view. Here everything seems to be fair, well, as always, the guys skate. Firstly, this is American number one pair, they have been skating for a very long time.

Even the elements … Well, this lift – it’s really the level of the Ice Age project (Russian tv show where proffessional skaters skate with stars). I would like to see some more interesting elements. But honestly, they skate on good edges. Well, it’s as if they are coming on the ice and have to be given grades in advance.

I cannot say that twizzles are performed flawlessly, that it is performed absolutely in parallel, as one person.

source: Channel one live broadcast, text version


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2 Responses to “Ilia Averbukh called the lift Hubbell – Donohue did in the rhythm dance “TV show level””

  1. J says:

    He needs to get over himself. He was gifted medals due to favortism. His team with his wife was a boring couple and only medaled at major world competitions bc of politics and once they became the #1 Russian team. This dude is a hasbeen.

  2. Gary Clark says:

    Russian biased bullshit as usual.

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