Igor Eremenko and Sofia Shevchenko commented on not getting any Grand Prix assignment

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Russian ice dancer Igor Eremenko, who skates with Sofia Shevchenko (4th at the Russian Nationals), commented on not getting any Grand Prix assignment in the upcoming season.

source: Igor Eremenko Instagram account

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Публикация от Igor Eremenko (@eremenkoigor)

Igor Eremenko: Friends, thank you very much for your support and concern in connection with the ISU Grand Prix series assignments. Sonya and I were no less surprised with such state of affairs.

We hope that in the future all the assignments for competitions will be made in accordance with the sports principle and selection criteria for the Grand Prix and other competitions. Wish you all well!

The coaches of the duo Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin (also the coaches of Stepanova/Bukin) also commented on the situation.

“We support Igor, this is his opinion, they are already adults and have the right to have their own point of view. Our entire team is for fair sport. We still hope that they have a chance to get to the Russian stage of the Grand Prix.”

source: rsport.ria.ru

Well, the Russian Figure Skating Federation hasn’t made any comments yet.


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