“If you overcame all the obstacles and reached your dreams or goals, and there was another repetition of your life, what would you choose?” Yuzuru Hanyu about his solo performance “Ice Story”

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Translation of Yuzuru Hanyu’s comment about his solo performance “Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY ‘RE_PRAY’ TOUR”.

original source: hochi.news dd. 4th November

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Here’s a translation of Yuzuru Hanyu’s comments posted on Hochi News.

“Yuzuru Hanyu’s solo show opened on the November 4th at Saitama Super Arena. The show goes about 2 and a half hours; the tickets were sold out, captivating a full house of 14,000 people.

Q: What are your impressions after the first day?

Yuzuru Hanyu: “From the opening rehearsal until the very last moment, everyone stayed up all night together to create this ‘RE_PLAY’ performance, and I’m just grateful for that. I feel truly fortunate to be able to perform this ‘Ice Story’ as a piece and execute it in front of everyone. I have nothing but gratitude.

Q: What theme would you like the audience to take from the performance?

Yuzuru Hanyu: I’ve personally gathered different things from various sources like games, manga, novels, about ‘What is my life?’ and ‘Life is precious.’ I believe many people have a vague feeling of these things, just as I do. I think that, if you were to apply the concept of life inside a video game, it would be relatively lightweight. It’s something you can repeat, and because of that, you can proceed with curiosity, using characters to do various things. I think that in a way, when you apply this to the real world, it might be what drives you to pursue your dreams, or from a different perspective, it might make you a very frightening person. But if it can be repeated, then it makes you think, ‘I think people will do that.’ In other words, the choices I have made in my life were present, and there was a route that led to destruction after those choices. If you overcame all the obstacles and reached your dreams or goals, and there was another repetition, what would you choose, and how would you feel? That is the theme of ‘Ice Story’ this time. I’m sorry for not being able to summarize it in a few words, but it’s not about finding the answer within the story itself; I want you to think about it. I hope it serves as one of the triggers for thinking.

Q: You appeared to be quite moved towards the end. What was going through your mind at that moment, and how is this solo performance different from other shows you’ve done?

Yuzuru Hanyu: “Yes, indeed. It’s quite different from the ice shows I’ve done so far. It’s not just a collection of different programs; within this single piece, there are various programs. Although there are programs I’ve done before, when they became part of this story, I thought, ‘They look entirely different.’ I realized, ‘I’ve never seen it from this perspective,’ and that’s the main point of this. It’s a different mindset for me. I’ve taken on this ‘Ice Story’ with a different mindset, and I’m embarking on it with the determination to express what I want to say. It’s occasionally frightening, but I’m creating something that includes many people and takes responsibility. I sometimes feel it’s difficult, but as an athlete, I want to do my best and deliver good performances while pushing my limits.”


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