“I want to do an interview with Putin.” Alina Zagitova about the show, fears and journalism

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Interview with Alina Zagitova. About skating in shows, possible participation in Russian Grand Prix and career in journalism.

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source: rsport dd. 10th August 2022 by Andrei Simonenko

After one of the performances of the lead role of Tatyana Navka’s ice show “The Scarlet Flower”, the Olympic champion spoke about her emotions from the show, her nearest plans and also admitted with whom she would like to make a big interview as a journalist.

Alina, congratulations on the return to the main role in “The Scarlet Flower”! How are performances going for you now in Sochi?

Alina Zagitova: Every time is like the first. I constantly try to come up with something new, perform differently somewhere, find something of my own. Therefore, each performance is a special emotion for me.

How was the preparation for the current series of performances?

Alina Zagitova: My vacation ended at the end of May and I immediately started to prepare, to restore jumps slowly. It took two months to prepare.

Did you master some new elements for the show?

Alina Zagitova: Yes, the ice here is much smaller than it was in St. Petersburg, where I performed. And there are two huge pillars on this ice. Therefore, we have changed a number of elements and prepared new lifts as well.

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Your partner Dmitri Soloviov, speaking after the show, noted your progress in pair skating. Has pair skating became something close for you?

Alina Zagitova: Indeed, Dima and I got used to skate together. Everyone tells me that we look very good on the ice. So in pair skating I already feel myself more or less. I’m not afraid of any lift, I completely trust Dima.

Doest it mean that at first there was fear on the lifts?

Alina Zagitova: Of course, at first I was afraid, but for me it was something new. There is nothing unusual about such fear. But then I got used to it. It’s the same with new jumps: when you start working on them, you are also afraid. Same with lifts.

You perform at the arena in Sochi Park, where there are a lot of cool and very scary attractions. Have you already tried everything?

Alina Zagitova: Yes, my sister dragged me to almost all the attractions here (laughs). So I’ve already tried everything. And I also jumped here, in Sochi, on a bungee from the highest height, 207 meters. But, you know, recently something has “clicked” in me, and I don’t really want such extreme experiments anymore.

What happened?

Alina Zagitova: My friends and I visited the biggest amusement park in Dubai. I screamed a lot on those attractions.

What was the scariest?

Alina Zagitova: All. And the most terrible thought was that now all this will stop and we will hang upside down. Therefore, while I don’t want more extreme, the mood is for something more calm.

You are not going to jump with a parachute yet, aren’t you?

Alina Zagitova: Why not? Everything can be. But not right now.

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You tried yourself in boxing in the summer, before that you played golf, you said many times that you also went to the hockey rink with a stick. What other sport do you plan to master?

Alina Zagitova: Right now, there are no specific plans. But everything always happens spontaneously for me. If I want something, I’ll go and do it. I wanted to try boxing – I decided that I had to act. They offered to try jumping into the water. I don’t know … Acrobatics is needed there. You need to be well prepared for this.

You moved to the third year of the Faculty of Journalism. How much more difficult does it become every year to combine study and sports?

Alina Zagitova: It has always been difficult to combine study and sports. If you want to study well, then you need to fully immerse yourself in this. It’s the same with sports – in order to achieve results, it must be in the first place. But now I have a relatively free schedule, I can, for example, if necessary, move my trainings when they overlap with classes. So now I can combine.

Have you already had practical training in the field of journalism?

Alina Zagitova: In the “Ice Age” – I interviewed everyone there as a host. It was a very good practice for me as a journalist.

And a serious conversation, a big interview – with whom would you like to do it?

Alina Zagitova: Oh, I don’t know … With Vladimir Vladimirovich! Why not? (laughs) But, of course, while I do not plan to do this, I still do not have enough experience.

New season is ahead. Should the fans expect you to appear on the ice during the new series of the Russian Grand Prix? For example, with exhibition programs.

Alina Zagitova: We haven’t discussed this topic yet. Over the next month I will be here in Sochi. And then – if they offer to perform, most likely, I will agree. And there will be new programs. I will ask Daniil Markovich (Gleikhengauz) to make them (smiles).

Do you already have specific ideas for programs?

Alina Zagitova: There are a couple. But I won’t tell you about them (laughs).


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  1. Veronica says:

    Successful, beautiful, and smart. No wonder people trash her.

  2. No war says:

    Her life is good. With all respect for her achievements she is not the brightest…

  3. Simone says:

    Looks like Alina stands next in line tu ruin her image and career…

  4. a says:

    you are delusional, why not an interview about what your president has caused?

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