“I loved my choreographer’s suggestion, ‘Let’s try something no one has done before.'” Haein Lee about skating her SP to “Seirenes” by American composer Christopher Tin

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Haein Lee about her programs for 2023/24 season.

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Management company All That Sports, which represents Kim Yelim and Lee Haein, revealed the upcoming season’s schedules for both skaters along with their new programs.

Lee Haein, who won a silver medal at the 2023 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, becoming the first Korean to medal in ten years since Kim Yuna, has chosen American composer Christopher Tin’s contemporary music “Seirenes” for her short program. Her choreography is by Canadian choreographer Lori Nichol and the program includes pieces by 2014 Sochi Olympics bronze medalist Carolina Kostner from Italy. Her free program music is from the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris,” with choreography by Canadian choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne.

Lee Haein’s short program music, “Seirenes,” is a contemporary piece composed by American composer Christopher Tin. It is inspired by the Greek mythological sirens and features ancient Greek lyrics that ensnare sailors. The melody interprets the style of Palestrina’s hymns in a modern way and is performed by the well-known American a cappella group “Anonymous 4.” The free program, “Notre-Dame de Paris,” is based on the famous French musical and tells the tragic story of the beautiful gypsy woman “Esmeralda” and the three men who loved her, much like the original novel of the same name.

Regarding her short program, Lee Haein said, “I chose the music based on the choreographer’s recommendation. I loved my choreographer’s suggestion, ‘Let’s try something no one has done before,’ and I wanted to expand my expressive range with this program, portraying the alluring sirens captivating sailors with beautiful voices.” She also expressed her high expectations for the program, mentioning the captivating underwater movements and the explosive step sequence that accompanies the music change.

About her free program, she explained, “I selected the music in consultation with my choreographer. I will portray Esmeralda, the gypsy woman from the play, and change the ending slightly to show Esmeralda gaining true freedom.” Lee Haein added that she will make efforts to express the movements and freedom of the gypsies and is determined to showcase a high-quality performance this season following her successful year in the previous season.


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