“I hope that our pair with Georgy Kunitsa will be able to be competitive and interesting and will enter the competitions.” Alena Kostornaia resumed training in pair skating

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Alena Kostornaia resumed training in the group of Sergei Roslyakov after a break for vacation.

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source: tass / moskvichmag / sport-express

Earlier, Kostornaia switched to pair skating, where she skates in a pair with Georgy Kunitsa.

Alena Kostornaia: Yesterday we had the first training session after returning from vacation.

Mostly we glided, we haven’t done complex elements yet – the coaches don’t allow loading the injured arm. It has not yet healed, it will take at least another two weeks.

On vacation, we tried not to waste time – trained off the ice, worked on things that an arm injury allowed to do.

As for plans, there are no any special plans yet. Just to train. I hope that my partner Georgy (Kunica) and I will be able to be competitive and interesting and will enter the competitions.

Coach Sergei Roslyakov spoke about working with Alena Kostornaya, who had previously switched to pair skating.

Sergei Roslyakov: She’s great! We haven’t had some kind of serious conversation yet. We need to take some time to talk.

She came to practice yesterday, but everyone was so busy, everyone wanted to do more elements, that there was no time just to talk. They worked non-stop.

Competitions? I’m interested too. We’ll talk with her and find out. There are no deadlines for this.


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