Hubbell / Donohue and Fernandez announced the music.

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Some skaters have recently announced their music for upcoming programs. let’s take a look.

Madison Hubbell posted in her instagram:

Good morning everyone! Zach and I are very happy to announce our Short Dance theme for this season, an Evolution of Dance. We wanted to use some of the most iconic music from each decade, and we begin in 1965 with Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”. Stay tuned for some more sneak peeks…can anyone guess what comes next?

Oh no………….another Feeling Good. I start to think that Feeling Good will be the Phantom of the Opera of this season( Really, guys?  Is there so little great music that can be used for the SD that you all chose the same song? I thought last season has tought Madi and Zach how important it is to have a strong memorable dance. And I’m almost 100% sure that the second rythm will be hip-hop…..I afraid we will  see and hear a lot of strange music combinations this season)))

Javier Fernandez also shared information about his future programs:

Javier Fernandez to keep Malaguena SP, new FS to Elvis Presley medley

the source: Jackie Wong’s twitter

So, all in all he’s going to change nothing) I’m joking) But Presley medley sounds a lot the same to the FP he did last season….he even can keep the costume) This style suits Javi a lot and I’m sure David Wilson will come up with some nice choreo, but I wish Javi tried something completely new for him. As for the SP I actually don’t mind that he’s keeping it. It’s a great program and obviously with such level of technique it’s hard to prepare two completely new programs.


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