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Skate Canada’s Autumn Classic International 2015 turned out to be a very interesting event. Yuzuru Hanyu choose it as his first start of the season so, the attention of all figure skating fans was drawn to Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Yuzuru Hanyu short program:


I’m glad that he kept his short program to Chopin. As for me it’s his best program. Great music cuts, all the elements is in the right musical parts. This program was a challenge for Hanuy and he’s doing his best to match this music. I think he improved a bit in second mark, I like the work of his arms more than last season. 3 axel looks so effortless! But the 4 toeloop was moved to the second part of the program and maybe he can’t land it cleanly yet (it was underotated). The physical shape is obviously not the optimal yet. I also like the slight change of the costume, blue and gold looks good!

Nam Nguyen short program:

Nam won the technical score in short program. WOW. From just a solid junior he became quite a threat for a lot of skaters at international arena. He’s in good shape and he’s concistent. I think Nam won’t give his National title back to Patrick Chan wihout a fight) But he still need to add more speed and power into his skating, especially if he has chosen such strong ang and powerful music!

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford short program:

It wasn’t their best skate but I really like this program! It grabs your attention from the first second, it’s dynamic and has lots of interesting choreo things and transitions. This program has a potential to shine if will be skated clean and with their usual energy! I also like the costumes, bright and simple enough. And Meagan’s new hairstyle is just amazing and suits her a lot!

See also Mao Asada’s amazing free program 

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