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Here are some my impressions of the free programs of Yuzuru Hanuy, Nam Nguen and Meagan Duhamel – Eric Radford from Skate Canada’s Autumn Classic International 2015.

Yuzuru Hanuy:


Honestly, to me almost all Yuzuru’s free programs look a bit the same romantic drama and everyone died at the end. When he skate them clean they look powerful and full of energy, but when he fells on his jumps…..it’s like same program all over again without lots of control on his arm movements or posture. So, I see some positive changes now. This program suits him and doesn’t require an ideal lines. Like the step sequence, musically done great. I also like the position of arms during spins, looks in style of the program. And I like the costume! Eventually Yuzuru doesn’t wear something with lots of ruffles, laces and sparkles!  

Nam Nguyen

I think it’s early for Nam to skate to such serious and powerful classical piece of music. Especially for the free program. The music is stronger than he. With such music his lack of speed and power is just even more noticeable. This program doesn’t show his strengths, and doesn’t give a chance make an impression of a skater with good components scores. I don’t think it was a right choice for Nam. I also wish his coach and choreographer have paid attention on Nam’s posture, it doesn’t look nice. And I don’t like the costume! My mom definitely has the same blouse somewhere in her wardrobe. But the worst thing is that this blouse opens his back and belly during spins, it looks slovenly.

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford

Two quad throws, one just after another is a real challenge! And a huge risk. And I’m not sure whether it worth it. With such competitors they need to skate clean. Clean, powerful, with lots of energy and with at least one ultra-C element in the program. But first of all clean, to recive high components scores, because they are not such a pair who will get high component scores no matter what happend during the skate. The program is good but not so memorable as their previous one. And I liked the costumes!

Watch the shorts programs from this event here.

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