Hannah Lim and Ye Quan: “We didn’t want to look like a baby junior skaters moving up to seniors. We want to become a memorable team for everyone.”

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Translation of the Hannah Lim and Ye Quan’s comments about their performance in the rhythm dance at the Four Continents Championships.

original source: mfocus.kr dd. 2d February

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Translation of the comments made by Hannah Lim and Ye Quan in an interview for mfocus.kr

Hannah Lim and Ye Quan earned a score of 68.91 points and taking 9th place after the rhythm dance.

“There were some parts that were a little disappointing, but overall, it was good.” Hannah Lim smiled and mentioned, “I enjoyed showing the music and dance. However, I feel a bit disappointed because the technical score was a bit low. If we focus more on the level of the elements, we could achieve better results.”

The duo spent their first full senior season, Ye Quan reflected on this season, saying, “Unlike the junior season, this year I learned what I need to work on. What to polish more, what experiences are needed.” Hannah Lim agreed with with these remarks, adding, “All senior competitors are great, and all the venues are much larger than in junior competitions, so we are experiencing new things and a higher level.”

Four Continents Championships is the first senior championships for the team. Hannah expressed some nerves about her first senior championship, saying, “I was a bit nervous. The arena was very large, and there were many people, so I was nervous, but I just thought of it as a show and performed.” However, she added, “I didn’t want to look like a baby junior skater moving up to seniors. I want to show ourselves to the judges, become a memorable team for everyone. I hope all judges, technical panel, and all spectators can enjoy our skating as much as we enjoy skating.”

Competing in China for the first time, they mentioned having Chinese fans, saying, “It was nice to perform here.’ In particular, Ye Quan spent his childhood in China and was asked if he was looking forward to competing in China. “Honestly, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep well before coming here. I never had a chance to skate in China. It feels really special to me.’

As for the free dance, Hannah Lim shared her goal for the remaining Free Dance, saying, “I want to show a very lovely story.”


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