Great start for Ashley Wagner

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After been not chosen for the home GP in States, not successful performance at Japan Open I was quite sceptical about Ashley Wagner’s chances for this season. But seems that I should take my words back. It was a great start of the season for Ashley. When everyone else has fallen Wagner hasn’t missed her chance to take the gold home.

Ashley is in good physical shape. Seems she lost some weight, her new hair color suits her a lot. She is looking damn good! I like her short program even with slow version of Hip hip chin chin. She looks sexy. Love her simple black dress, it looks amazing.

I wasn’t a fan of her decision to keep her program to Moulin rouge. This program already has it shining time and I don’t think that it can be skated better. They added some more Egyptian moves in the beginning of the program, add some transitions but it still the same program and it will be difficult to surprise and impressed the audience and judges with old stuff. Especially when this time the program is skated not so powerful. Yes, I know how high were Ashley’s marks but I think her best performance of this program was at US Nationals.

But keeping the old program make the preparation for the season a bit easier. She had more time to concentrate on her jumps and to feel more comfortable with choreography. And It gave the results. Performance at Skate Canada was solid and confident. I’m really happy for Ashley, she deserve this win.

I also like that she has changed the dress. It add some refreshment into the program. Like the dress but I think the dark blue version of her previous one would have been better.

You can read why I’m not happy about keeping Moulin rouge here.

Another bright win at Skate Canada. Patrick Chan is really back

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