Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: pairs short program

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It’s really difficult to create good costumes for pair skaters. Due to the technical difficulty of pair elements you can’t afford uncomfortable costumes, so you don’t have a huge variety of ideas you wanted use. The costumes also should have a connection between each other to show that it’s actually a pair not just two single skaters. Let’s see who dealt the best with such difficult task to sew two great pair costumes.

№7 Julianne Seguin – Charlie Bilodeau

Julianne SEGUIN / Charlie BILODEAU

I like that they haven’t been too creative with their costumes for Circus du Solei program and choose a pretty moderate costumes. I like the shade of sky-blue for Julianne’s dress, it looks good in combination with navy-blue. The flower appliques on shoulders look nice but I would have removed the blue “splash” on the bodice. They didn’t do Charli’s costumes in the same colors with her dress and it’s a wise decision. I like how they decorated the neckline of his shirt and I like the belt. But the whole image look a bit old fashion.

№6 Xiaoyu Yu  Yang Jin

Xiaoyu YU / Yang JIN

The pastel shades suit this pair a lot, especially Xiaoyu. His costume has something historical. Like the wide sleeves of the shirt with nicely decorated cuffs. The “waistcoat” is very beautiful and has lovely finishing. It’s really good male costume, difficult but not overdone. So, I wish her dress have been more simple, at least without this “nacked” part on the bodice.

№5 Alexa Scimeca – Chris Knierim


Not every girl in figure skating can afford to wear a jumpsuit but Alexa is in a good shape, so she definitely can. They both have very simple costumes without extra details and that’s a great choice for such program! By themselves, the costumes are appropriate and good. The problem is….such laconic costumes highlighted the lack of nice lines and some choreographic flaws. They really needed something more….distracting.

№4 Meagan Duhamel – Eric Radford


I always appreciate simple costumes. In case with Meagan and Eric I appreciate it even more. They look better in simple and laconic costumes. They have powerful, athletic type of skating and they don’t need to hide it with all those ruffles and frills! They need to highlight their strengths and that is why such simple costumes it’s a wise decision. I also like the color, bright and deep shades suit them more than light and tender.

№3 Yuko Kavaguti – Alexander Smirnov


I’m really glad to see Yuko wearing a dress of bright but mature. Great and expensive looking color. The dress has complex design: one-shoulder silhouette, open back, interesting execution of the neckline. But with all those details dress doesn’t look overloaded. It’s elegant and even sexy what is not a typical choice for Yuko. However this dress slightly reminds me of Kiira Korpi’s grey dress from the past season. Alexander looks elegant and handsome in a tuxedo.

№2 Cheng Peng – Hao Zhang

Cheng PENG / Hao ZHANG

I like this costumes a lot! It’s not just another typical figure skating costumes for tango. It’s really difficult to made such skater as Hao Zhang look elegant but with this costume they succeed! His costume made in darker color shades to make an accent on the girl. And her dress is just fabulous! One-sleeve design, asymmetrical plunging neckline decorated with silver crystals…..she looks really gorgeous!

№1 Ksenia Stolbova – Fedor Klimov


I like when a man in figure skating looks like a man. And I like vest and trousers solutions for Fedor, he looks hot and stylish. Ksenia looks damn hot! The dress is closed on the front side, no decor, no sequins. But the open back and hip….yep more than just hot) All the sequins concentrated on this strip on her hip what attracts even more attention to this part of her dress. Yes, Ksenia Stolbova knows how to look stunningly!

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