Grand-Prix Final 2016: men’s short program fashion review

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I continue my fashion review of Grand-prix Final 2016 and today is men’s turn to be discussed.

I afraid one day Japanese fans find out where I live or where I work and will organize a demonstration under my windows with posters “Hands off from plushy pants!” and “Stop critisizing Japanese costumes!”.

Well, I doubt it’ll stop me) Sorry, nothing personal just fashion.

I’ve already told what I’d like to do with all purple costumes from Grand-prix final. In case you miss I’ll repeat: “Take them all and burn in one purple flame!”

Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu

Shoma Uno

Ok, Shoma, you’re skating to Ladies in lavender, so you probably didn’t have much choice in terms of color. But you know, there are some other fabrics that can be used for figure skating costumes. Oh, I think plushy pants (no matter of which color) should be officially banned for guys older than 15. It’s like a part of your maturation, you grow up and you leave you plushy pants in childhood.

Yuzuru Hanyu

I know they tried to go with Prince’s shocking and provocative costumes, I like the idea of “shirt – waistcoat – high-waisted trousers” set, but the execution……and this fabric…..When I was a kid and did rhythmic gymnastics I had a costume of such versicoloured/chameleon fabric. Oh, I was so proud! Well, I was six and that was back in 1996. Not cool any more.

Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon

Adam, you’re for sure in fantastic shape, your shoulders and arms look great…But even for a provocative and sexy program tight tank top with translucent parts and some sequins it’s a bit too much. You know, we’re still at competitions, not in the night club. Am I too conservative?) Maybe you should change it to a long sleeve? Completely translucent if you want. I like the trousers, they’re well fitted (what happens no so often in figure skating) but I think they’re too formal for this top.

Nathan Chen

Nathan chen

I’m glad that Nathan Chen burned his Aladin costume! The new one looks almost great: nice black trousers, a bolero that reminds us of balletic costumes, absence of finishing and sequins …..but why why why guipure? What it has to do with Le Corsaire or ballet? Ok, maybe I’m not objective but I don’t like much guipure in male costumes.

Javier Fernandez

Javier Fernandez

You know, I’m a fan of simple costumes and no much finishing in male costumes. Because a man should stay a man even in his costumes for competitions) Maybe it’s sounds boring, but it’s my opinion. On the one hand I like Javi’s new costume for the short program, because I always appreciate when skater tries to think about something different than red and black costume for Spanish program. I like that it’s modern and pretty hot. On the other hand I think now his short program lacks some color and brightness. Also such laconic costumes usually chose skaters who want to concentrate an attention on their choreo and skating…..I don’t think it was a good idea for Fernandez. But all of this is matter of taste, the real thing that prevented Javi from winning the fashion competition in the short program were his trousers. Not well fitted….why he always has some troubles with this part of his costume?

Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan

Knowing my tastes in male figure skating costumes, I think it wasn’t hard to guess who is my winner) Simple, elegant, well fitted. Those are the keys for a successfull costume. Well-dressed man is my weakness) I remember girls at Prince William’s wedding who were standing with posters “Marry me Prince Harry!”…. Who needs a prince when Patrick looks that damn good in his black shirt? Personally I don’t need any) All pieces of his simple elegant black set are very well fitted. Especially I’d like to point out his trousers because they are really well sewen, not too wide, not to tight. I know it’s not so easy to sew a trousers for figure skating, to make them look like a real clothes not to the detriment of convenience during skating.

Here you can find fashion results of ladies’ short program: Grand-Prix Final 2016: ladies short program fashion review



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6 Responses to “Grand-Prix Final 2016: men’s short program fashion review”

  1. mai says:

    “man should stay a man” and a hatred of plush seems to be the main themes of these fashion reviews… it would be nice if occasionally you took into consideration how the skater intends the costume to support the story/character they want to portray in their skate.

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    I think Shoma looks all right in lavender, but I wish the top didn’t look so much like a lady’s blouse. It’s something my mother would wear with a pencil skirt. And I think the plush pants make him look too much like a junior skater. He’s a small guy, but in normal black pants, they could extend his lines and at least fool us into thinking he’s not 12.

    Ugh, Yuzuru’s costume is the worst for me. (Yes, there is a thing in this world that’s worse than plushy pants). I wish the vest wasn’t so brightly patterned, he would’ve looked fine in a simple gold or silver vest without such wild designs. And the pants for me…ewwww.

    Adam’s shirt definitely belongs in the nightclub. I like the idea of it but I agree it’s maybe a little too sexy for the ice. I think he needs pants that look more like leather. Trousers belong with a necktie.

    Nathan’s is not bad at all, it reminds me of something you’d see in the days of Evan Lysacek and Evgeni Plushenko. And after the Aladdin costume, I’m ok with anything.

    Javi looks fine, but the costume doesn’t work with his skating. If he had lines like Jason Brown, it would be perfect. To be honest I do sort of miss his red sleeves from last season, it was stylish. There’s nothing wrong with this costume, but I just don’t find anything to gush over.

    Patrick really looks well-dressed. And I think we all know that he is your Prince Charming. I like how everything actually fits him right!

    For me, Patrick was the best-dressed, and an honorable mention to Nathan for 1. ditching the Aladdin costume and 2. actually looking classy.

    • FS Gossips says:

      I think I simply don’t like much guipure in male costumes. I still can’t forget and forgive Patrick’s shirt with guipure back……Well, if I was criticizing him I’ll for sure criticize others)

      Wide sleeves add some smoothness to your arms moves, maybe Javi wanted to add some sharpness instead. But I also miss his last season’s costume, to my taste it was one of the best male costumes last year. He hasn’t any modern chorography in his SP, it’s pretty classical Spanish program, so modern costume is not really what it needs to shine bright. And the pants….why this part of his outfit is always wider than it should be?

      Well, think I’m a bit too old for Prince Charmings) Actually Patrick Chan is almost my age (the same year of birth), so I think we as mature people will leave the Prince title for a younger generation……

      • Mad for Skating says:

        It’s totally fine if you aren’t a “guipure girl”! For me Nathan’s costume is not so bad but if it’s not your taste, I won’t try to change your mind!

        I really do miss Javi’s red costume, it was so handsome!

        Well, perhaps Patrick has grown from a “prince” to a “king”. :)

        • FS Gossips says:

          Actually I’m a guipure girl) I’ve recently bought a new guipure dress of vinous color for my New Year’s party) I just don’t like when man wear a lot of guipure)))

          Ah, I have gorgeous dress, nice shoes and no king to accompany me )

          • Mad for Skating says:

            Yeah, sometimes what looks good on a lady isn’t so flattering on a man.

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