Grand-Prix Final 2016: ladies short program fashion review

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It’s been a while since I’ve discussed costumes last time. A pause in competitions is a perfect time to correct this omission.

Today I’m going to discuss senior ladies’ dresses they wore for the short programs.

I need to say that in short program all girls look great, there were no fashion disasters, so I totally got an impression that we’re watching an elite competition)

Maria Sotskova

Maria Sotskova

I always appreciate when skaters follow fashion trends and aware of famous designers’ works. Well, this butterfly dress by Zuhair Murad is not so new, it’s from 2013 collection, but I actually don’t care if the idea fits the program and music. Love the idea but it’s not to easy to adapt high-fashion for figure skating realities. Lots of cuts and applique on the bodice are balanced with a long plain skirt. Unfortunately, you can’t have such in figure skating) That’s why Maria’s dress is not so well balanced, I think they should have reduced the amount of details on the bodice. I also prefere the original color, it’s more interesting, deep and moderate that also helps to balance the dress.

Evgenia Medvedeva

Evgenia Medvedeva

Turned out that three girls from this GP final competed at Skate Canada and I have already discussed their dresses here: Skate Canada 2016: ladies short program fashion review

Lovely dress, sky-blue always looks good on young girls. I like the simplicity and moderate amount of finishing but I think the dress looks a bit disproportionate. They should either add some volume to the skirt or  move up the waist line. Oh, also I’d gladly put off the gloves.

Kaetlyn Osmond

Kaetlyn Osmond

I like how dark-blue color looks on Kaetlyn and this shade is always looks good on the ice. Lovely finishing on the half-corset, perhaps a smaller one would look even better. In this case I have nothing against gloves, the accessory is in style and in mood of program.

Anna Pogorilaya

anna Pogorilaya

You know, I’m a fan of simple elegance on ice and this dress is seem to be an example of such design…..But I can’t say I’m impressed. On video and in motion this dress looks better than on photo. I like the idea and asymmetrical design but I wish fabric had a more expensive look. I’m also not sure about ruffles on her shoulder…..I think it’s a bit too much….what do you think? But in comparison with Anna’s previous costumes this dress is a huge improvement in style)

Satoko Miyahara

Satoko Miyahara

I love dresses in ice-princess style, especially for young and fragile girls. Gorgeous dress, delicate finishing and I really like dresses with sleeves) Fantastic look and now I definitely now why it seems to me so princessy)

Elena Radionova

Elena Radionova

I want to praise Elena for creativity and courage to wear such not typical for figure skating dress. It may be controversial, some people liked it some didn’t but it’s definitely something interesting and unusual. The dress with no rhinestones or sequins. It’s totally in the style of the program and helps to create such jazzy mood. I see Elena a young coquette of 20-30th, because the dress has some trends of that times, like volume on the waist, feathers. Oh and i love the long translucent sleeves with gloves it’s exactly what this choreo needed.

Which dress you liked the most?


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9 Responses to “Grand-Prix Final 2016: ladies short program fashion review”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    Love Maria’s and Kaetlyn’s!

  2. Mad for Skating says:

    I too wish Maria’s dress was darker, and a little less detail, please!

    Evgenia’s dress is a gorgeous color, but I agree the bodice is too long for the skirt.

    Kaetlyn looks so sophisticated, I love it.

    I actually don’t mind Anna’s dress. I might cut down on some of the fluff on her shoulder, though.

    Oh, thank goodness, I am not the only person who sees the resemblance between Satoko’s dress and Queen Elsa’s.

    Elena looks great; it’s kind of a love-it-or-hate-it dress, but I think it’s stylish and in line with the period.

    I have to say my favorite dress is Satoko’s.

    • FS Gossips says:

      ‘Elena looks great; it’s kind of a love-it-or-hate-it dress’
      And I loved it, because I love when skater try something new, and it’s not a 1001st just pretty dress for figure skating.

    • Natalie Daniels says:

      I like Elena’s dress except when she spins. The skirt bunches up in a distracting way. That being said, it’s grown on me some over the season. I used to not like it at all, lol.

      • FS Gossips says:

        I don’t know why but Elena’s dresses usually look not so good during spins( I also like that this feathery little black dress highlights her long long legs)

        • Mad for Skating says:

          Skirts tend to bunch up when you spin, I guess. I’m just glad that it looks better than the Titanic dress she wore at Worlds last year – the pink and green was not a good combination!

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