Grand-Prix Final 2016: ladies about their short programs

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Ladies commented on their performance in the short program at Grand-Prix Final.

Maria Sotskova:

I’m satisfied with my performance, coaches also noted that I skated with a good speed and the program looked decent. Of course, I’m upset of low scores but I don’t intend to lose heart, there also will be a free program.

I don’t care which Finals is it senior or junior. My task is to enjoy skating, and please the audience.  I came with such a mindset: not to worry, skate clean, fight for each element and skate nicely.

Elena Radionova:

I know I can do better, so I’m not very happy with my performance. I had unclean landings, underrotation on loop. I still can’t explain why did it happen because I feel good.

Now it’s necessary to get angry and have a proper mindset for the free program.

Anna Pogorilaya:

Overall, not bad. Of course, there were small mistakes, later we’ll discuss it with my coach. I had to fight for the loop, but still I didn’t fall.

I also had to fight with my nerves. The fact that practices didn’t go well here doesn’t mean anything. This is a common situation for me. I stumbled going to the starting position, grabbed the back but everything is all right. Such things happens.

The free program is ahead, I will set the body and the internal state. You should always be in harmony with yourself then everything will turn out. I have an experienced team, so let’s wait for the free program.

Satoko Miyahara:

I am not fully satisfied so I want to do my best tomorrow. My short program’s aim is to skate with more speed and not do confusing steps but simple steps with more speed. Tomorrow I need to be more confident than today. I think I can skate better than today and I think I need more speed and to skate clean.

Kaetlyn Osmond:

To be able to do this program clean three times this year is really rewarding, and to get a personal best and season’s best makes me really happy, and the crowd was so into it that it made it more enjoyable for me.

Evgenia Medvedeva:

Setting records is not important to me, I’m not chasing after them. I just want to show what my coaches have taught me and the work we do every day in practice. Today I’m happy with my performance, but there is still room to grow.

Each has his advantages and disadvantages, each has something that can be brought to perfection. You can’t stop – that’s how my coaches raised me.

I knew where this record was when in France I lacked 14 hundredths of a point. For me, this is another step forward. And this fact just adds me confidence.



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  1. jimmbboe says:

    Kaetlyn skated beautifully! Maria as well! <3

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