Gracie Gold new free program

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Recently Gracie Gold revealed her short program for upcoming season. And the next day she performed her new free program on 2015 Summer Classic.

This program is to “Firebird” by Stravinskiy. Watch video:

In my opinion, this program is better than her short program.

Strong and powerful music of Stravinsky can help her to show her personality, fire and energy. I think it’s a better choice than her previous ice-princess programs. But i disappointed with choreography! Some parts just screams “It’s Anna Pogorilaya free program from last season.” The first movements, the music cut look a lot alike.

This program was choreographed by Lori Nichol. She’s a famous choreographer but many times she just re-worked her own previous programs, but to re-work someone elses program it is too much. It’s unaffordable for elite skater like Gracie. She need to find her own style not to use someone elses choreo! I wish she tried another choreographer, I don’t see her in Lori Nichols programs any more.


2015 Summer Classic brings us whole lot of news about Team USA. See also Gracie Gold’s short program, Polina Edmunds short program, and short and free programs of Jason Brown.


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