Georgi Kunitsa: “All of you have pounced on Alena like beasts with all this negativity, all these entirely undeserved insults. Put them where the sun doesn’t shine.”

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Translation of Georgi Kunitsa’s comment regarding his partner Alena Kostornaia’s harsh comments towards the judging.

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Georgi Kunitsa defended Alena Kostornaia after her comments made about the judgement at the Russian Grand Prix stage in Omsk.

Kostornaia and Kunitsa finished fourth in pairs competition. Kostornaia criticized the judging in an interview after the free skate.

Here’s a translation of Georgi Kunitsa’s comment.

“Dear fans and ‘non-fans.’ The Grand Prix stage in Omsk has come to an end. It could have been worse, and it could have been much better. I consider these competitions an excellent starting point for the future.

I want to support my beloved wife and partner, Alena Kostornaia, because in the past few days, all of you have pounced on her like beasts. All this negativity, all these entirely undeserved insults, put them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Alena clearly stated that there was unclear and biased judging in the short program by some judges, and I fully agree with her. The free skate was judged fairly.

We are on our own path, and we have our own way. We are making history, and I will always be on my wife’s side because we are one,” posted Kunitsa.

Alena Kostornaia also referred to her remarks about judging as unacceptable.

“Yesterday, I said way too much; I won’t make any more comments. We’ll prove everything through our actions,” Kostornaia said.


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