Four Continents Championships 2017 review: ice dance

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I set my alarm clock for 4 am….and it rang. Damn it. I hoped it wouldn’t, so I would have an excuse why I overslept Four Continents Championships) But it rang, so I had no other choice than wake-up and make a cup of strong coffe to turn off zombie regime. I hoped short dance will cheer me up. How naive I was…..

First warm-ups were so boring that I tempted to go back sleeping….I had a feeling that we have the same time zone and there is also early morning so everyone was so sluggish. The only bright memory was Chinese guy who danced to Beyonce and portrayed a James Bond in the free dance. Well, it maybe not trendy or conceptual but it’s way more better than “conceptual something” from those who shouldn’t interpret anything more complicated than children songs.

The leaders of the Chinese national team are good guys. Especially the boy. Such a posture! They have lovely dances, but who chose New York New York for them? It seemed to me that they try to interpret, but don’t really feel this music.

Piper and Paul had a chance if not to make me dance, then at least to wake me up and make me stamp to the beat. Well, be careful with your wishes, because Piper’s fall shocked me and I actually woke up. They have such a fiery dance, that Piper to often gets carried away being too emotional. But they definitely win this season’s tango-battle.

Even in a dance to Michael Jackson Kaitlyn and Andrew look monumental. Andrew had another attack of twizzle disease( Love the new costumes for the free dance. Habitual to my eye richness of their costumes is back! When you take such a warhorse music, there’s no need to play modesty in costumes. Kaitlyn has “ready for the red carpet” look, Andrew….admirers of Poje’s “talent” will say that he would look even better without any costume. Beauty. But fifth place at 4CC. A fresh look from Mr. Morozov did not happen. The dance is solid and would have looked great in previous Olympic cycle.

Hallelujah! Madison Hubbell burned her laces tracksuit! Honestly, it was the best news of the short dance at 4CC. She wore a skinny jumpsuit to spite all fans of thinness in ice dancing. No changes will change the fact that their SD is a disaster. But their disaster they skate with lots of power and freedom. Every time when Madison and Zach get a chance to beat Chock and Bates, they start doing mistakes. To many small mistakes in the free dance, that actually ruined all magic.

At the almost empty arena, many dances lost their drive. But not Chock/Bates‘. Madison don’t pay attention how many viewers are on the stands, she’s a star and stars shine all the time) Emotionally it was the best short dance at 4CC. On contrast to the cool short,  their free dance I watch from element to element and before each I want to say, “Up!” like in circus. I still don’t get it, what is it and what is it about. And yes, the black dress was better.

Alex Shibutani is cool and gorgeous. So, Alex, call me. Maia…..Maia is trying, Maia is trying very hard, Maya is trying too hard !!! And it distracts! The dance is very well choreographed, but it lacks freedom of execution. Alex, no matter how cool he is, just can’t pull it out alone. The same story with the free dance. Technically it was the best skate of the season, but I won’t have a desire to re-watch it. They need to do something before the Worlds. Find some spark, some nerve …  There should be something! I don’t care how deep inside it is, just find it! Thinkng about what should they do I suddenly wondered, “How the things are going with their personal lifes?”

Tessa and Scott also delivered not their best skates. Generally, I had an impression that most of ice dancers skated half-heartedly. Well I can’t blame them for that, no one wants to give it everything they’ve got a month before the World Championships. But I love Tessa and Scott no matter what and the main battle lies ahead.

To be continued


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11 Responses to “Four Continents Championships 2017 review: ice dance”

  1. valentina rossi says:

    Ehm, the choreo for C/B FD is from Cristopher Dean.

    • FS Gossips says:

      The thing is Igor always makes changes in the dance, so it’s difficult to say how much remained from the original choreography. Like it was with Rachmaninov Co.2 choreographed by Najarro.

  2. valentina rossi says:

    I disagree on Shibutani’s FD: for me it’s the first time they sparkled and moved me with this piece. At all the previous competitions I appreciated more their SD than the FD. Chock/Bates: for once they’re trying something different with the FD. But apparently people prefer the old, boring C/B. I cannot understand.
    And as an aside: the competitions started at an hour which in USA, when they train, is11 pm, and for Montreal-based couples 12 pm. So everyone of them was sleeping, using half brain and half body to execute. Hope this won’t be the case next year.

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Chock/Bates: for once they’re trying something different with the FD. But apparently people prefer the old, boring C/B. I cannot understand.”
      I appreciate them trying no to be like others, that’s why I really like their SD. It’s stands out! For me the FD is rather a set of elements than a dance. And it’s not because of a style….it’s more a mistake of choreographer, especially the middle part, there they just lose me. Igor Shpilband definitely need a good choreographer in his team…..

      • Mad for Skating says:

        Yeah, I love the SD, but the FD needs a little polishing. It’s doable. I’d just like to see some more turns in the choreography.

  3. Mad for Skating says:

    Piper and Paul seem to have a string of bad luck lately. I like the tango but they sunk their ship in the short and there was no coming back.

    Poor Andrew…this is awful for them. I adore this couple so much and I wanted them to medal. They look amazing (and I get your joke about Andrew and no costume). Morozov’s plan isn’t working. He’s probably too busy with his 18-year-old wife to do much good.

    It’s about time for Madison Hubbell’s new outfit! Their SD is still not my favorite at all, but the outfit helped. In the FD I can’t stop laughing at the steamy chemistry and how they say they’re just friends…

    Madison Chock is a diva in every sense of the word, and she knows how to rock an audience. She’s amazing. But the free dance is not my taste at all. I watch without volume.

    Alex is so handsome on the ice that it must be hard to be Maia. I just think they need a little more spark so they don’t get a little…*closes eyes* boring.

    Tessa and Scott were kind of just running through their programs too, but they won and that’s that. End of story. They’ll win anything because they’re Tessa and Scott. And their short dance keeps growing on me!

    • FS Gossips says:

      “Morozov’s plan isn’t working. He’s probably too busy with his 18-year-old wife to do much good.”
      Don’t forget about his daughter. He already called her very very talented) Interesting who will be lucky enough to skate with her?)

      • Mad for Skating says:

        Oh I don’t know! But I wish he’d do something decent for Kaitlyn and Andrew – they’re great skaters, they need someone who’ll take them to the top! He can worry about his teenage wife and teenage daughter later.

        • FS Gossips says:

          “He can worry about his teenage wife and teenage daughter later.”
          He can’t waste any second!) Figure skating becomes a sport for very young)

          • Mad for Skating says:

            Well I suppose but Kaitlyn and Andrew are paying him to help them and he doesn’t seem to be helping very much.

  4. jimmbboe says:

    I was also shocked by Piper’s fall! Couldn’t believe what I had just seen :(

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