Florent Amodio: time to say goodbye

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I don’t know how many bright victories and excellent performances will happen at European Championships 2016, how many standing ovations….but I know for sure that no one will be able to outdo the fabulous “goodbye” performance from Florent Amodio!

He decided to return the old program and it’s 100% his program, his signature. The ice was on fire. And I also cried after the performance together with Florent, Nicolai and the whole crowd.


It’s definitely how the sporting career should be ended – with incredible performance, with standing and chanting audience. This performance has eclipsed all others. Bravo Florent!  I’m also really start to regret that Amodio and Morozov haven’t reunited earlier.

The only thing that could have made this “goodbye” even better it’s a medal…..I have a deep feeling that Florent totally deserved a bronze…..

Thank you Florent for your memorable programs and costumes, great performances, for your input into the figure skating, for your unique style, for being not like other skaters! You Definitely left the bright trace in the history of figure skating! Thank you and good luck in your new life.


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