Fedor Klimov: You have to skate the short program clean

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Fedor Klimov commented on their performance is the short program at European Championships 2017.

video: Nico Ichi

Fedor, you are giving a comment alone?

– It turns out so that Ksenia talks when everything is good and I when bad.

But everything is not that bad, considering that it’s only your second competitions after the break?

– It doesn’t matter. You have to skate the short program clean, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been resting, injured or something else. Short program is short program. Any mistakes are not allowed, especially such serious. If there had been only small mistake on the lift that hadn’t affected much, it’d have been ok. But fall it’s serious. On the plus sides the twist turned out, let’s hope that tomorrow won’t be worse.

Why did you get the second deduction?

– We finished after the music. At the Russian Championships, I didn’t even notice, somehow subconsciously started the step sequence to the music, not to miss and be in time at the end. Because of that we hadn’t enough turns in death spiral and spin. Now I thought that it’d be better to do all the turns and somehow get out at the end, but didn’t turn out. We should have some back-up plan prepared at home for such case.

How serious was the preparation for this European Championships at the training camp in Sochi?

–  Very serious. To be honest, we were a bit stunned when arrived in Sochi. We had a little more than two weeks, Nina Mikhailovna prepared such a plan that stunned us. But we have done it all, so it’s easy to skate here, if not some strange mistakes.

These errors can be regarded as a kind of unpleasantness?

– I think so. We didn’t have such falls in trainings. Here at practices we had only a small mistake on a landing once, but not a fall. If we had done such during our routine than no one would have even noticed.

The ice is slippery.

– Yes, though today the ice is good.

You have new costumes.

– Ksenia has a new dress and I just unrolled the sleeves. I thought that I should try to skate classics in the shirt with long sleeves, for variety.

by Maria Staroverova and Olga Ermolina fsrussia.ru


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3 Responses to “Fedor Klimov: You have to skate the short program clean”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    Her dress matches his costume better! It’s nice! These two costumes remind me of a BBC miniseries – some British romantic drama, and in a good way. I wonder what it would look like with nude illusion mesh instead of the white mesh. Of course she looks good in everything…

    I love when he says that she talks when things are good and he talks when things are bad. I can imagine it’s not a good idea to interview her when things are bad – she has absolutely no filter! I like how they work well together – they balance each other out.

    I’m sad about the fall of course, but they’re not far from silver. You can do it, my babies!

  2. jimmbboe says:

    Like Ksenia’s new dress!

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