Fedor Klimov still hasn’t recovered from injury

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Nina Mozer recently gave a comment to Rsport.ru about Fedor Klimov’s injury.

According to Mozer Fedor still hasn’t recovered from a back injury because of which he can’t do twist and the doctors can’t give the exact diagnosis.

But recently Stolbova and Klimov took part in Art on ice show in Switzerland. That’s actually a bit strange considering the unclear situation with the injury. Of course show is not competition and they could do a light version of the elements but still why to take an additional risk? Their performance fron Art on ice you can watch here.

Guys have already returned of course, preparation for the World CHampionships will be adjusted, but we still don’t understand completely how the situation will develop. Fedor still can’t do a twist. He works on the ice but can’t do exactly one element. Fedor has back problems, doctors are involved but so far no one can give an accurate diagnosis. Every day we do the tests, check why there is still no recovery. – Mozer said.

She also said that the main reason of so many injuries is the increased difficulty of pair skating:

Ksenia and Fedor’s problems appeared during a training of the quad throw. First, Ksenia got injured, then she started to work, and, as it was a break in trainings, Fedor started having problems.

Other team from Mozer’s team  Zabijako Ebert also has some health problems. Natalja got injured on the throw, she hasn’t started trainings yet but will start soon.


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