Fedor Klimov: Program we did with Marie-France was not for Olympics

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We have been happy for a while about Stolbova Klimov’s choice of music before sad news come. Ksenia and Fedor are not going to show up at the Russian test skates.

I guess some of you are wondering what happened and what happened with the program by Marie-France Dubreuil.

Our summer passed as usual, in summer we are usually take treatment in turns. About a month ago I had surgery, it’s not am injury, it’s just health. Do not guess, I do not want to tell what it’s connected with. I feel good, but due to prohibitions of doctors, until September 1 I can not work with weight: can’t do lifts and twists. Since September 1, I will start to do them, at the trainings camp before the test skates, where we will go, we will already show everything we can. But we won’t have time to prepare the program in 9 days before the test skates and and we do not want to show it unprepared. There we will work with the choreographer to bring the programs to shape. – Fedor said

by Elena Sobol sport-express.ru

Ksenia Stolbova Fedor Klimov

Ksenia Stolbova Fedor Klimov

And more about why they decided to do another free program.

It’s possible to make a conclusion that the program we did with Marie-France was not for Olympics, it turned out weaker than we did before. But if we had continued to improve it with choreographers and other specialists, we could have brought it to the necessary level. But it lost to Carmen in music, because the music was too quiet, the accents were small, and we had to skate very carefully. The original version did not fit us in style and, most likely, was not of our level.

Before that, we (in Canada) were thinking of Pink Floyd, which, by the way, could have been good, but in the end I’m still glad that we worked with completely different choreographers – Pasquale and Marie-France. Now I have my own impressions of cooperation with different specialists.

Marie-France treated our decision with understanding, although, of course, was upset. She told us something like “It happens, it’s okay.” I do not think she was offended. At least in person she did not tell us this. We also were upset, the situation was humanly unpleasant.

While we were on the ice, Guillaume and Gabriella were at the show in Japan, and with Tessa and Scott we were there almost at the same time, but Marie-France worked very responsibly with us and with them. All week long she was focused on us. Maybe if we had tried a little more in the choice of music, something would have worked out. But we did not hit with it. – Fedor Klimov said

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photos by Mikhail Sharov


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    I hope they’ll shine in this season! I want to see again their powerful skating :)

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