“Evgenia, why did you miss the warm-up at the World Championships? I didn’t have time to pee.” Medvedeva shared another embarrassing story on TV show, this time about 2016 Worlds

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Evgenia Medvedeva shared embarrassing stories on the TV show and told how she was late for the warm-up at Worlds because of going to the toilet.

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source: “I know myself” youtube channel / text version sports.ru

Evgenia Medvedeva: I’ll tell you about the embarrassment of a world scale because this happened at the World Championships. It was my first World Championships, the short program. It was 2016 in Boston. We usually have a six-minute warm-up before the performance, where six participants go on the ice and prepare to skate their programs.

The entire broadcast is always adjusted for American prime time. And since we were in America, I was absolutely sure that everything would start right on time. Because airtime is very expensive and it is monitored. That is, the competitions there are not built around an athlete but around prime time because this is huge money.

In short, my watch was five minutes late. And five minutes in that situation is a very, very long time. I just turned 16, and I’m such an upstart. There were such people in the warm-up with me: two-time world champions, Olympic medalists who have already seen a lot in sports, such experienced people (they were Elena Radionova, Anna Pogorilaya, Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, and Satoko Miyahara – Sports.ru).

And I decided that I needed to go pee before the warm-up. And this is such a hassle; our costumes have so many clasps and zippers. This takes a lot of time: unbutton, fasten back, fix your hair, put on gloves, pull on the loop. It is too long. But I decided that five minutes was enough. I went, and as soon as I got into a bathroom stall, the warm-up time had already begun.

And I understand that the coach is already knocking on my door, saying, “Zhenya, hurry up! The warm-up has begun without you!” And to enter the World Championships without a warm-up and with such a scandal is basically so-so. And I also don’t want to ruin my reputation.

Imagine the interview: “Evgenia, tell me, why didn’t you miss the warm-up at the World Championships?”, “I didn’t have time to pee.”

In short, I ran out of there: the dress was unbuttoned, gloves were not worn, and one skate was half-tied. I run to the ice; the coach is tying something for me along the way; the zipper is stuck. And in this state, I come running and understand that 25 thousand people are sitting in the arena; there are five of the greatest figure skaters in the world; the organizers of the competitions; cameras; prime time.

And here I run out in absolute silence, and everyone is looking at me. What a shame! I later apologized to everyone because the warm-up lasts six minutes and the girls were waiting for me for five minutes. 


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