Evgenia Tarasova: I couldn’t fail Volodya and gave up

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Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov about thier performance at Rostelecom Cup 2018.

About injury

Evgenia: I want to say thanks to everyone who supported, wrote a lot of messages. I’m fine. Got some stitches, everything is fine. As for the free program, it was a hard day. Many trips to the hospital and back. We didn’t rest, didn’t get the right mindset. I was in the hospital, Volodya was waiting at the hotel. We were able to perform, skated almost well. I made one big mistake. But in general, we are happy with this competition.

About broblems during the skate

Vladimir: In fact, we don’t feel any problems. We were very well prepared for this competitions. Aimed at clean skate. But as luck would have it, we didn’t think about clean skating, just to get to the Grand Prix final. I didn’t know how Zhenya would feel in the evening. This was the most distracting. Evgene fell entering this element during practice, maybe she had this picture in her head during the skate, and this led to mistake.

About fortitude

Evgenia: I don’t want to be a blonde inside. I’m a sportsman. I couldn’t fail Volodya, with whom we spent a lot of energy to prepare for this comeptitions. We worked a lot, we did a lot of things and I couldn’t give up.

About an accident with Alexander Korovin that happened at practice

Evgenia: Sasha and I met in the bus before the competition. It didno’t happen because of him. He was standing near the board, he had nowhere to go, I was skating too close. Sasha just turned his head and we ran into each other. He apologized, we asked each other – is everything ok? He was ok, I’m fine too.

by Sergei Podgornov for sovsport.ru


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