Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov: We always wanted to be the first

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Translation of new interview with Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov.

Have you had time to rejoice the fact that you are in the first place in the ISU rating?

Vladimir: Fans and friends sent screenshots, of course, it’s nice, but we didn’t really give it much thought.

How the things are going with new programs and preparation for the season?

Vladimir: We have two new interesting programs. We and the skating federation like this programs. We hope they will be successful. A short program is classic, free program well you can say that it’s fun. We won’t tell more now, will wait till the control skates in September.

Choreographer is Peter Tchernyshev?

Vladimir: Yes, this year he did us both programs. Last year we tried a short one, turned out well, so this season we decided to do both.

The costumes have already been sewn?

Evgenia: No, while we think it over, select the sketches, look through the options. So far we can only imagine them approximately.

Last season you had to change the costumes for the free program.

Evgenia: Yes, the first ones were unsuccessful, and we were told to change them. The second ones also weren’t liked, but there was neither the time nor the opportunity to make new ones …

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Do you have especially favorite costumes?

Evgenia: Last year’s for the short program. I also really liked the black costume for junior tango and the peach dress for the junior free program, which Max Trankov choreographed for us.

Vladimir: Costumes for Irish short program were cool, but generally, all are not bad.

Are you planning to complicate the programs in the new season?

Vladimir: Jump content and multi-rotational elements will remain the same, we’ll improve simple elements such as spins.

Are you going to do quad throw?

Evgenia: twist – yes, throw -no.

What do you think of opinions about you quad twist, such as “Why do they try it, if for a well-executed triple they can get more points?”

Evgenia: The presence of this element speaks about the level of the pair, because it is more difficult and estimates with higher marks. And then everything depends on execution, we will try to make it as clean as possible.

Vladimir: This often depends on execution, so sometimes there’re no extra points for it. And if you do a quad only at trainings without competitions, then it will take long to put it into the program.

Wasn’t it hurtful to hear the opinion that your free program is much weaker than your main competitors’?

Evgenia: This is just criticism that should be taken into account and don’t repeat such mistakes.

Didn’t you feel that during choreographing?

Evgenia:  Yes, generally there’s a long story with this program. We did it first to one music, then the federation looked and came to the conclusion that music is not a format. As a result, we had to change it.

And at what point does the federation assess the programs? Is there time to change something?

Evgenia: Our program they watched in July, when we were at training camp in Sochi, representatives of the federation came there and came to see our practice. Then they told us that it must be changed. As a result, we remade the program to music.

How much time does it take to bring a free program from idea to ready for competitions?

Vladimir: About a month …

Evgenia: To do the layout of this program with Peter Tchenyshev took wo weeks. And then we will only refine it till the test skates in September.


Tell us about training with Robin Szolkowy. What language do you usually speak?

Evgenia: English.

Enough knowledge to communicate?

Evgenia:  Well, I’m a bit little worse, basic level, Volodya is better. I can explain something to Robin, and we understand each other.


Evgenia: Sometimes Robin says: “Hello”, “Good morning.” He is also studying Russian.

Not in a vain he skated with Aliona Savchenko.

Vladimir: Faster, Aliona will learn German.

Is it comfortable for you to be in the status of leading Russian pair?

Vlademir: We always wanted to be the first, even when nobody took us seriously. It’s comfortable when you are a leader. Plus we never sat in reserve with thoughts “We are the second or third pair, they won’t make us answer for that much and it’s better.” We always made up ours mind to go only forward, to fight for leadership.

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Are you ready to compete with Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov? After all, last season they were a bit in the background. Do you feel any tension at trainings?

Evgenia: We skate at different times and do not meet on the ice. I think at competitions everything will be clear.

What moral is in your group?

Evgenia: We all have friendly relations, we always meet somewhere, and competitions are the only place for rivalry. But in training it is always interesting to keep track of what your rivals are doing and compare. It always keeps on toes.

In pair skating, there’s always a place for personal mistakes … When you skated perfectly and your partner failed something, doesn’t it hurt?

Evgenia: If you skate together and mistake occurs, both are to blame, even if it was a solo jump. There can’t be any offences. In general, everything depends on the relationship in pair. We never had a feeling that we could be somewhere higher. We have never blamed each other for something.

Vladimir: I think it’s unprofessional.

Do you have time to prompt each other during performance and adjust the program in case of force majeure?

Vladimir: Only in small details. We can not change something much. After all, the program is done at the maximum level of complexity that is possible for us at the moment. We can discuss changes in the locker room in 15 minutes before going to the ice.

Was there a feeling at the last World Championships that the complexity of the programs has gone off scale?

Vladimir: It’s hard to share impressions of this competitions, because of the injury both the short and free programs did not quite work out, and it happened at the very peak of our shape! We performed well, but there also were competitions where we skated better …In the course of the season, we realized that we were growing technically and our pair started to be perceived differently. Already as leaders. Injury, of course, spoiled the impression of the season, but even with it we made all the difficult elements and did not simplify anything.

The most nervous start of last season?

Vladimir: World Championships. When you go out and do not know, whether you’ll be able to do something and will you even perform at all. After all, after the injury Zhenya was injected with painkillers and the first time she felt nothing. But, of course, the action of the drugs ends, and no one knows what can be afterwards.

Is there any disappointment that this happened?

Evgenia: All ended well.

Vladimir: Yes and no. It seems to me that for both programs it was possible to score more points and skate more cleanly with more freedom. Although we could withdraw.

Are you satisfied with Grand Prix you got?

Vladimir: Yes, but before the distribution the situation was complicated. Two stages were chosen by the Chinese, then by the Germans, and for us what remained. This year the order was shuffled, because first Grand-prix were in America, Canada, two in Europe and Asian ones. And now one in America, the other in Asia. I think it won’t be comfortable for athletes to fly. We were lucky with the Grand prix.

Is it exciting to perform in front of the home stands?

Vladimir: Perhaps. But mostly everything depends on preparation. When you are well prepared and all elements are performed automatically, it does not matter where to perform.


Tell us about your participation in the World Team Trophy.

Evgenia: It was something new!

Vladimir: We have been to Japan for the first time. The country is so unusual plus there was not competitive atmosphere, when vacation is already around the corner and all the athletes are happy.

What was the most memorable?

Together: Our Kiss and cry

You won the prize for it …

Vladimir: Yes! People’s Choice Award. At the end, at the banquet, when there was a rewarding of the teams our national team was awarded for the best team spirit.

Did you expect to get this prize?

Evgenia: The guys told us that this takes place every year and they choose a team with best kiss and cry. And this year our people were determined to win this title from the first days. We also tried, helped as best we could.

Tell us about the atmosphere of post-competition banquets.

Evgenia: First comes the official part, all judges and athletes are invited.

Vladimir: Representatives of ISU make a speech, representatives of the host country, then a buffet, drinks and music.

Who with whom is usually hanging out?

Evgenia: All gathere in companies, according to teams. We communicate with everyone and with the Italians and Frenchmen, with whom we are familiar due to the training camps.

Vladimir: For some reason less with Canadians and Americans.

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How was your vacation?

Evgenia: We were given a two-week vacation, for 12 days we flew to Bali with a company of friends from our training group. We rested well, regained our strength, swimmed a lot. The rest was great!

Was there a feeling “I’m tired of resting I want to go on the ice”?

Evgenia: When we came back from Bali, we immediately went to the training camp in Kislovodsk, where there was no ice at all. That’s when the feeling arose: I want to go to the ice, not just run around the stadium!

Do you have any special tasks from coaches to maintain physical shape during vacations?

Evgenia: Not exactly….Just you have a head on your shoulders, and you understand why you need the optimal shape.

At what point did you realize that from amateur skating lessons something big can grow?

Evgenia: I probably decided this for myself when I moved from Kazan to Moscow. Then I realized that there was no road back, that I need to go only forward.

Vladimir: When I finished school and had a choice: to enter university and get knowledge or to skate. At that moment I was at a crossroads. Either sports, or getting a profession.

Have you thought about getting a higher education yet?

Vladimir: It’s never too late to study.

How much is this real with the schedule of your trainings?

Evgenia: To study, you need to devote yourself completely to it….. And we come home from training completely tired, do not want to do anything. Just go to bed …

Do your parents watch your performances?

Evgenia: Of course, they cheer for us, but they try interfere less. Find everything on the Internet, read during the competition. But when my mom and I get in touch, we talk about other things.

Vladimir told me that in his career there was a moment when his partner from Yekaterinburg and her mother lived at his home, but he had a clear feeling that she did not suit him. How did you finally say goodbye?

Vladimir: We got different partners and the story resolved itself. The coach saw that we do not fit …

Did you managed to part peacefully with all previous partners, no one was offended?

Evgenia: Before Vova I skated only with Egor Chudin, and it happened so that he had the option to go to the show, and I was offered to skate with Volodya. In the end, we part calmly.

Vladimir: I can say for sure I did not remain offended!

Vladimir once you were engaged in hockey. Have you ever regretted that you chose a less money sport?

Vladimir: In childhood, everything was perceived in a completely different way. I did not skate in school, but in the pre-school class. I did not bet on becoming a professional figure skater. Everything just turned out well!


It’s no secret that you are in relationships outside the ice. Does this simplify or complicate everything in work?

Vladimir: Rather simplifies, because to Zhenya I can say something that I would not say just to a partner. We can communicate more frankly. After all, treat as a native person, and some careless sharp word will be perceived quite differently. But this sharpness is not as terrible as miscommunication. And difficulties always exist.

Appeared a special feeling of responsibility in the most dangerous elements, in which much depends on you?

Vladimir: Of course. The male partner often worries even more. When the girl flies in throw, you mentally strain, how she will land. It’s not just you throw and you can rest. Responsibility with worries are always fifty-fifty.

by Ekaterina Chernyavskaya for sport-express.ru


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