Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov changed the SP to “W.E. Believe in love” by Abel Korzeniowski

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Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, together with their coaching staff, decided to change the short program for the Olympic season after performing at the Cranberry Cup International 2021.

photo by sport24.ru

One of the musical parts of the program is the music from the movie W.E. Believe in love by Abel Korzeniowski.

Pair’s coach Maxim Trankov and Alexander Zhulin who choreographed the previous programs commented on this decision.

Maxim Trankov: Any program should emphasize the strengths of the athlete. It seems that we missed a bit with Debussy’s “Moonlight”. Because the speed and power of skating are important for the guys, and it was difficult to emphasize their strengths skating to the chamber music of Debussy.

SP to Debussy’s “Moonlight” / by moi kanal youtube channel

The idea to change the program belongs to Danniil Gleikhengauz, but, naturally, there are many things left from Zhulin’s program. They were just a little rethought and the presentation was changed somewhere, but one cannot say that there is nothing left from Zhulin’s program. Here I would talk more about changing the concept of the program.

The decision was collegial, we made it all together – we had a pattern, because initially, when the guys just came, Daniil Gleikhengauz had ideas for the programs. Now we just agreed with his idea and he finalized the short program as he wanted, as he intended.

source: sport24.ru dd. 5th September 2021

Alexander Zhulin: It seems to me that there is no risk of changing the program before the start of the Olympic season. This is completely normal workflow. I think they just changed the music so that there are no two similar programs. That is, the order of the elements will remain, but to a different music. But this is the decision of their coach, so I take it absolutely calm. It’s OK.

source: sport24.ru dd. 5th September 2021


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