Evgenia Medvedeva withdrew from World Championships 2018

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Russian figure skating federation announced that Evgenia Medvedeva withdrew from World Championships 2018. Stanislava Konstantinova will replace her:

Earlier, due to a injury of the right foot and necessity to recover, Zhenya had to skip the Grand Prix Final and Russian National Championships in December 2017, focusing on preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games. In mid-January, the athlete took part in the European Championships 2018.

Because of the lack of time, Evgenia could not have a full recovery, as a result she had to fight with pain during the performance at the Olympics. After returning from Korea, the pain in the foot intensified.

Based on the results of a medical examination made at the end of last week, the doctors concluded that in order to avoid possible surgical intervention, Medvedeva must strictly limit the specific loads on her foot that occur during most of jump elements. Terms are from 4 to 8 weeks. When this condition is met, Evgenia is allowed to continue training in the gym and on the ice.

The third number of the Russian team in this discipline will be Stanislava Konstantinova, who according to the results of the Russian National Championships 2018 is the first substitute.

Of course Ilia Averbukh couldn’t but share his priceless opinion about this:

There’s nothing wrong with missing the World Championships. The main start of the season was the Olympic Games, and this World Championships does not have such a great importance, it’s  already claims for the next season. Now the most important thing is to recover and start preparing for the next season.



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