Evgenia Medvedeva: want to go to London and met Benedict Cumberbatch

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Evgenia Medvedeva told about her life after winning the World Championships.

After the World Championships Anna Pogorilaya and you have attended almost all Russian major tv-channels and radio stations. How does it feel – to be a popular media person?

Evgenia: It’s part of the job, and it’s necessary. We had fun – together is always more fun. Also these events are good as a change of scenery in our sporting life

How do you think what all this interviews give to you?

Evgenia: First of all, communication experience. At first when I’ve been invited to live broadcasts, I worried more than at competitions. Now everything is much more relaxed, I know what to say and what questions will be about.

Does this experience help at competitions?

Evgenia: I don’t think so. Live broadcasts on TV and competitions – it’s still different things. Although, at first I was a little bit afraid of the large number of the audience, but then you’re getting used.

Skaters always pay a lot of attention to their appearance. How difficult for you to decide what to wear, how to do your hair for the air?

Evgenia: How can that be! It is not difficult, it’s great! Besides, I always quickly solve the issue with the dress. When I’m told that there will be one or other event, almost immediately know what to wear.

Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya

You even have visited Ivan Urgant on the”First Channel” ….(Russian humor show)

Evgenia: It’s surely was probably the most fun. Everything was filmed in one take: we set, talked and we have gone. And in the dressing room Anna and I slightly went crazy.

Whom of celebrities, Russian or foreign, would you like to meet?

Evgenia: I have two favorite actors: Grant Gustin and David Tennant. I would like to take a photo with them. And another small wish: to go to London and met Benedict Cumberbatch. But I understand that this is unlikely to happen.

Favorite role of Cumberbatch is in “Sherlock”?

Evgenia: Yes. I also liked the way he played the villain in “Star Trek”.

Have you re watched your winning free program after the World Championships?

Evgenia: Watched it for the first time the other day, at a ceremony at the Ministry of Sports.

And what impressions?

Evgenia: Funny.

But did you like it?

Evgenia: I was happy with such a clean performance, yes.

Your mother also did figure skating. How did she react to your victory?

Evgenia: Mom doesn’t watch my performances live on the air and during free program at the Worlds she was sleeping (laughs). I know that there are people who get up at 5 or 6 am, sacrificing, in fact, a whole day for figure skating. For us! It’s very nice, but so surprisingly.

Evgenia Medvedeva, Yuzuru Hanyu

When you see Javier Fernandez or Yuzuru Hanyu on the ice, the current leaders of men’s skating, who do several quad jumps and difficult combinations with spins, do you understand how they do it? 

Evgenia: I don’t understand how they manage to make it look so easy. I also want to learn it, but it doesn’t work out yet.

Maybe you should just go and ask?

Evgenia: I asked the Hanyu: Yuzu, how do you do it? He just smiled and spread his hands.

Soon you will take exams for 9th grade. Tell us about your school.

Evgenia: I am a student in a secondary school of a sports society “Sambo-70”. I go there once a week and have tutoring. Before the World Championships I had to make a pause. But it’s impossible to do it another way. Now I will catch up. After Boston, by the way, my class and class teacher met me at the airport.

What sports your classmates do?

Evgenia: Mainly Sambo.

Is it true that Anna Pogorilaya and you celebrated your success in Boston with shopping?

Evgenia: Yes. In one of the shops I has spent about $ 200. Then I was very, very ashamed. But now I’m beautifully dressed! Sometimes I have a state when I want something so much no matter how much it costs.

Do you remember on what you’ve spent your first prize-money?

Evgenia: After winning the stage of the Junior Grand Prix I bought a gold ring – wanted to have a jewelry thing for the memory.

What was the coolest in the season?

Evgenia: Banquet after the World Championships. There was a lot of fun: dancing, dressing in the style of “The Great Gatsby.” Everyone was very beautiful.

Has the attitude of your colleagues-skaters to you changed after winning Worlds?

Evgenia: No. At least, I don’t feel it. Maybe, it’s good (laughs).

What was the most difficult in the season?

Evgenia: From a psychological point of view – the European Championship. And physically free program at Russian nationals was the hardest: after the last jump I had a feeling that I stopped breathing.

Evgenia Medvedeva

In a television interview at the World Championships you amazed the audience by speaking in Japanese. What’s the story?

Evgenia: I have a favorite cartoon “Sailor Moon”. Before each series there is a song. For the four seasons, you can imagine how many times I’ve heard it, so I remembered something. Then I read these verses in an interview to Japanese TV. To be honest, I didn’t expect that it would cause such a stir on the Internet.

Another story from the interview: how you was eating pizza, and in the process of reading that you are kept on a starvation diet. Is it the strangest thing you’ve learned about yourself on the Internet?

Evgenia: Probably, yes. That Medvedeva is hold on some smoothies, starved and beaten, so she did not eat anything. And I read it with a piece of pizza or a mouth full of sushi. Funny, agree?

In general, harsh methods applied to you are not working?

Evgenia: I think it is not working at all now.

the source: izvestia.ru

photos from Evgenia Medvedeva’s instagram: jmedvedevaj


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