Evgenia Medvedeva: Victory is the feeling that you have overcame yourself

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Interview with Evgenia Medvedeva. About competitions, her mom and style.

Zhenya, you became an Olympic silver medalist, congratulations! Tell me, what feelings did you have before going on the ice?

– Thank you so much! Very pleased that you followed my performances in Korea (smiling). Before going on the ice, I do not communicate with anyone, I’m always as focused as possible. It is important for me to tune on my performance in order to do everything correctly and cleanly. There is no fear, there is simply an understanding that you go and do what you must.

Many athletes take a talisman with them. Do you have any?

– I’m not very superstitious. I think that the main thing is the inner state of a person, so I do not take anything special with me, except that I always start to put on skates with my left foot (smiling).

You are 18 years old but you’re already a Merited Master of Sports. It seems that you spent all your childhood in training. Is it so?

– When you start doing sports professionally you have to make a choice. You understand that you can get something bigger. Yes, I spend a lot of time in training, but I can not say that I sacrifice something. I have friends and my close people, with whom I communicate quite often. Great that now we have social networks, messengers, so the phone is also my best friend (laughs).

Did you immediately start loving figure skating or did it take some time?

– Of course, I fell in love immediately. But the realization came with time. Especially you understand this when you manage to do more and more difficult elements. You get an incredible pleasure!

When it became difficult, didn’t you have thoughts to give up everything?

– Give up? No way! Every competition is such a motivation (smiles).

Tell me, does your mother often come to your competitions?

– Usually, my mother roots for me at a distance, but this time she was in Korea thanks to the program of Olympic hospitality P & G “Thank you, Mom!”. The fact that she was near gave me tremendous confidence.

Why did you decide to take part in this program?

– Thanks to my mother, I started the way in big sport, because she brought me to the ice rink. I am grateful to her for everything she has done for me and for her unconditional love, support, strength and endless faith in me. That’s why I was very happy to join the project.

Do you always listen to her advice or do you sometimes act in your own way?

– I appreciate Mom’s advice, and often hav the same opinions, but I always decide myself.

How do you like to spend your free time?

– It happens not often (smiles). Sometimes there is only one day off per week. At this time I can stay alone: silence helps me to relax and accumulate strength.

Let’s go back to your performance at the Olympics. You looked very cool! Did you do the make up and hairdo yourself or trusted the professionals?

– I did everything myself. I think I understand better how do I want to look during the performnce. For me, the most important thing is to make an accent on the eyes. In addition, I pay special attention to hair care, because at competitions they should look beautiful. By the way, recently brand Pantene Pro-V appreciated my hair and offered to represent it. I gladly agreed!

How do you create image in figure skating?

– Usually this is a teamwork, we are discussing the concept with coaches, the skate itself, its elements, and the image is born of itself.

What do you usually wear in everyday life? What is more important for you – comfort or beauty?

– Between the skirt and jeans, I’ll definitely choose jeans. It’s convenient, but first and foremost beautiful. I do not run after the novelties of the season, I like creating my image on my own.

What will you never wear?

– Tight leggings without a skirt or a long tunic. It’s just a lack of taste!

What would you like to learn?

– Now all my time is spent on figure skating. But as soon as I can focus on something else, I’ll try to learn how to play some musical instrument.

And finally. What does the word “victory” mean to you?

– Victory is the feeling that you have overcame yourself.

by Valeria Yakovleva for wmj.ru


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3 Responses to “Evgenia Medvedeva: Victory is the feeling that you have overcame yourself”

  1. OlgaLV says:

    Her dress on the picture is much more better than one she chose for Olympics in Anna Karenina program.

    • FS Gossips says:

      Agree, I also prefer the red dress. The black one was too dramatic and too translucent for a dress of a noble woman, the brown one…there were too much details, especially on her neck, it seems that she was bitten by a vampire.

  2. researcher says:

    During her meeting with fans in Moscow she elaborated on how programs are created. She almost called herself a painter.

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